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Finding your inner Yooyu

by naama_mikeas


     The Yooyu is an Altadorian petpet and more than that, it is a symbol of the Altador Cup. Besides that, It is the star of Yooyuball, the game in which the petpet becomes a ball and the players need to catch it to score a goal. Unfortunately, this is not so simple, because there are several Yooyus to use on the game. They are seven to be more exact: normal, fire, snow, faerie, robot, mutant and Darigan Yooyus. But the real question is: if you were a Yooyu, what would you be? Come find out with us, by answering the quiz below. Write down your answers to check the result at the end.

      1) Choose your favorite Neopian food:

     a. Ice Ice Cream

     b. Cupcake with Rainbow Frosting

     c. Chilli Salmon Souffle

     d. Armoured Negg

     e. Pant Devil Sandwich

     f. Mushroom and Herb Salad

     g. Meat Lasagne

      2) Choose wisely a weapon:

     a. H4000 Helmet

     b. Illusens Staff

     c. Sword of Reif


     e. Glowing Cauldron

     f. Kacheek Flour

     g. Potion of Healing

     3) What's the Neoboard that you participate the most?

     a. Art

     b. NC Mall

     c. Avatars/NeoSignatures

     d. Battledome

     e. Games

     f. Neopian Pound

     g. Site Events

      4) What’s your favorite site event?

     a. Advent Calendar

     b. Festival of Neggs

     c. Games Master Challenge

     d. Daily Dare

     e. Masks of Dread

     f. Charity Corner

     g. Altador Cup

      5) Pick a Neopian Local to spend your vacations:

     a. Terror Mountain

     b. Faerieland

     c. Moltara

     d. Virtupets Station

     e. Darigan Citatel

     f. Kreludor

     g. Altador

      6) What is your personality most like?

     a. Calm

     b. Cheerful

     c. Brave

     d. Creative

     e. Determined

     f. Adventurous

     g. Modest

      7) What would be a perfect day for you?

     a. A snow day

     b. Go to the mall

     c. Go to a concert

     d. Go to an amusement park

     e. Stay home sleeping

     f. Stay with your friends

     g. Stay home playing Neopets

      8) Choose an Altador Hero:

     a. Psellia

     b. Siyana

     c. Torakor

     d. Marak

     e. Kelland

     f. Sasha

     g. King Altador

      9) Choose a Neopets Villain:

     a. Valin

     b. Xandra

     c. Lava Ghoul

     d. Evil Sloth Clone

     e. The Darkest Faerie

     f. King Roothless

     g. Eyrieki

      10) Pick an Altadorian game to play:

     a. Slushie Slinger

     b. Crisis Courier

     c. Chariot Chase

     d. Make Some Noise

     e. Ready to Roll

     f. Shootout Showdown

     g. Yooyuball

     Now, let’s see the test results!

     - If you mainly marked the "A" alternatives, you are a Snow Yooyu.


     The Snow Yooyu is a calm, stable and balanced specie. People would describe you based on your simplicity, modesty and patience. That is why people around you find support and positivity taking your advices and talking to you. You know when an environment is toxic and know how to stabilize it with your inner soul. When is about the matches, you can be slow, but the angle is always correct!

      - If you mainly marked the "B" alternatives, you are a Faerie Yooyu.


     The Faerie Yooyu is a loyal and dependent specie. They value confidence and sincerity a lot and are very nice to everyone, just like you. When you identify with someone you are completely loyal, trustworthy and responsible. They have a special sensibility and when they like someone, it’s a friendship for a lifetime. This kind of Yooyu when faces a problem during a match, their first thought is "I just wanna fly away", but eventually finds their way to the goal.

      - If you mainly marked the "C" alternatives, you are a Fire Yooyu.


     The Fire Yooyu is a enthusiastic and extrovert specie. They are cheerful, spontaneous, funny and very active. You like to socialize and participate to every site events, you probably never miss one! You need constant and varied activities, and is always making new goals to reach. Besides that, when you’re on a match, you’re the star on the game.

      - If you mainly marked the "D" alternatives, you are a Robot Yooyu.


     The Robot Yooyu is a researcher and creator type. They are very independent, but simultaneously they are about to explode with creativity. You’re always trying to innovate and to learn beyond the ordinary. You like to be alone with your thoughts and develop their perceptions, which can sometimes seem unusual.

      - If you mainly marked the "E" alternatives, you are a Darigan Yooyu.


     The Darigan Yooyus are a provocative and challenging species. Like them, you never agree with others, but it does not mean that you will not get what you want, it means that you have your own way to achieve goals, ie, to score the goal. Darigan Yooyus need to command, dominate and stand out, even if it is for their differences. They have their own ideas and act the way they believe to be the most correct.

      - If you mainly marked the "F" alternatives, you are a Mutant Yooyu.


     The Mutant Yooyus are closest to their emotional side, rather than its rational one. Just like them, you are quite bold, and sometimes even very indecisive, somehow you can be sensitive and rational, calm and explosive, all at the same time. For those who don’t understand the complexity of this Yooyu, at one point it may be resting on the docks of Altador and the other minute playing pranks on the residents of Meridell. Another characteristic common between you and the mutant Yooyu is that despite this strong personality, you love the company of others.

      - If you mainly marked the "G" alternatives, you are a Normal Yooyu.


     People may find that the Normal Yooyu doesn’t have striking characteristics, but the reality is: they are the star of the whole Altador Cup. And just like them, you are special too. Normal Yooyus are very confident, bright and possess a great emotional intelligence. They accept and like themselves, so they are genuine and pleasant, capable to adapt to any situation and challenges do not scare them.

     At the end, no matter what Yooyu you are, the important thing is that the Altador cup is happening right now, and it is uniting all the lands of Neopia in one place, one heart. That is, it is time to learn from others and also from our mistakes and continue to support our team, with healthy competition.

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