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Grundonia, the Unknown Planet

by hatsuomi


     Grundonia is a small community that it’s located in some place of the galaxy, it exists because some Grundos escaped from Dr. Sloth’s hands, so that, not everyone knows about this place.

      This fairytale starts the first of January of Year 19, yes, that’s the day that Grundos wake up… Before that, they had horrible lives, once they escaped they needed to rest in order to forgive everything…Or almost everything…

      Relti, a sorcerer ice Grundo, made a spell to sleep everyone for 10 years, but the day came, everyone wake up, some of them didn’t know their names or even their own colors.

      There was a little Mallow Grundo, called Apaf, he’s the only mallow with purple eyes, his family were part of the royalty highness from Virtupets, once Sloth arrives, they decided to send him across the galaxy with Relti’s help landing in Grundonia; Apaf can perfectly fits everywhere, he wake up and he knew that he needed to do something to save his species.

      As I said before, not every Grundo have this power of mind to remember things through sleepy time, so, they wake up and they didn’t know what happened before that.

      Apaf ask Relti for help, he needed to recruit some Grundos in order to invade Virtupets and face Sloth’s plan, he also wanted to reunite with his family and save all the specie.

      Relti with his last drop of Magic sent a signal to the galaxy waiting for heroes to show up… And they showed up, three space travelers appeared at the same time in front of Apaf and Relti, they didn’t believe that someone received the "Call of Help"

      Message, an intergalactic prince space traveler showed up, he offered his power and his strategies to go through Virtupets without warnings or even worst… Getting caught

      Niorelia, Message lover, star reader, space traveler and the leader of a small community, she’s the strongest because she learnt her strength reading the stars.

      Yoliter, a grey Grundo who is capable of travel trough time with some risky endings, he was the first Dr. Sloth’s experiment and that’s how he knew his powers.

      Apaf, first ask Yoliter if he can go through time and stop all of this, he remember every date and he gave him the exact time when things happened… So Yoliter accepted, he borrow some Relti’s magic in case that anything goes wrong and the started time traveling…

      Apaf and the rest of the Grundos wait for weeks, but one month later, something happened, something bad…

      Yoliter appeared, well, another Yoliter showed up, he had a different look, he was even more sadder than he used to be, they knew that it didn’t work; Yoliter time traveling fails because he went through time with magic, visiting the day that everything started duplicate everything that happened to him.

      Time to another plan, and Yoliter’s power couldn’t be used again the way they wanted to because he could disappear, so Apaf talked to Message and Niorelia to make a new plan to enter in Virtupets.

      Yoliter was known because he escaped from Virtupets so he accepted to caught everyone’s attention and use his magic just to come back to Grundonia.

      Apaf, Message and Niorelia left their crowns in Relti hands, because that’s the source of his powers and Relti was the only one capable of bring some power trough the distance with his unpowered magic.

      Message and Niorelia as space traveler used a worm hole to appear in the middle of Virtupets shops, the plan was easy, Yoliter was going to caught everyone’s attention and they would get into Sloth’s fortress and then make a new plan.

      Action started, some guards saw Yoliter and he started walking getting away of his friends wishing them good luck, Apaf, Message and Niorelia knew that I was time to start looking for that fortress so they started asking as normal citizens but no one ever answer a question, they were wordless and some of them just nervous about the whole situation (Apaf’s eyes were like the "sign of a change")

      In the meantime, Yoliter got surrounded by ten different guards before using power he saw something…ANOTHER TIME TRAVELER WITH HIS LOOK…

      Yoliter arrived Grundonia nervous because he thought he was the only time traveler who escaped from Dr. Sloth’s hands but it seems like it’s not true, another Grundo has his powers and tried the same as him and he didn’t know why that Grundo was there, Relti and him tried to know his identity but with no results, besides, Relti’s magic wasn’t powerfull enough to bring the crown’s power and look for a time traveler at the same time.

      Apaf, Message and Niorelia after hours of looking information with no success were worried because they couldn’t spend so much time rolling Virtupets… Then a stranger offered help, someone with purple enchanted cape said that he had the location of the fortress and some useful information.

      At first, they were thinking that someone was trying to trick them because they didn’t know the character but he left the cape… They knew…. They knew and felt some hope for the plan they made.

      It was the time traveler that Yoliter saw, his name was Mr_Souly he was another experiment of Sloth but with another powers, he can time travel and he tried the same as Yoliter, but he can also change his look, once he failed time traveling he change his look but his power came to 0 because the first experiment of Sloth (Yoliter) arrived Virtupets… So by that time, Sloth already knew that Yoliter was around.

      After Souly’s speech of information, Apaf gave him the location of Grundonia, so he can easily move there and figure out why his powers can’t be used when Yoliter’s around with Relti’s help.

      Souly gave them ALL the information they needed, Apaf’s parents are trapped in a galaxy making machine (Lost in time) all the ways to escape and also how everything works inside the fortress…

      Once they were into the fortress, Apaf knowing their parents were suffering he planned to free every Grundo inside the fortress to defeat Sloth.

      After defeating some commanders and recruiting some Grundos, Apaf finally did it, he find his parents rolling in the galaxy making machine… Once he turned it off, he couldn’t resist hugging them… His parents didn’t know who he was until they saw his eyes, it was the little mallow they gave away to have a "Life" with Relti, they have their crowns and they offered to Message and Niorelia to power up their powers…

      Fight started, Sloth knew Apaf’s intentions and once he arrived the room with his commanders he tried to beat them but he failed, there were many Grundos and he had to escape from the fortress to the space.

      Apaf’s family wasn’t interested in keeping the royal tradition of Virtupets, they offered their kingdom to Message and Niorelia and they accepted to rule Virtupets, of course, Sloth did so much damage to the species and some Grundos need to be adopted by someone to start having a good life, but there are no more experiments, no more suffering, and that’s the most important thing.

      Relti figured out that Yoliter and Souly has the same DNA Code number, which means that only one can work in a planet… Souly it’s the new time traveler of Grundonia, he’s the king and he established communication with Virtupet’s royalty (Message a Niorelia)

      All of them know that Sloth is around the galaxy and he can show up anytime, but they are ready, they would always be ready because they already face the evil together... Niorelia it’s the queen of everything, she comes to her balcony every night to read the stars when Message is traveling looking for Dr. Sloth issues.

      Apaf and his family, live in the fortress with everyone, but with no royal obligations anymore.

      That’s the end of this journey… At least, for now.


The End.

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