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Wintery Games: Ice Cream Machine

by royal_real


Hello, wintery games is back with its one last article about game guides. This time we chose one of the most freezing games of neopia: Ice Cream Machine. Let’s go (but be careful to not get a scoop on your face), shall we?

The Game

You are Adee, the Chia (yes, the one of the postcards) and you are in a ice cream factory. Suddenly the machines get crazy and there scoops everywhere! All you have to do is dodge all scoops. Every stage has a certain number of scoops for you to dodge, and this number increases level after level. When you realize it, you are dodging more than a thousand scoops!

Game Over

There are two ways to lose in this game:

1 – losing all your lives. Every time a scoop hits you, you lose a life, so be careful!

2 – right clicking in the game. We don’t know the reason why does that happen, but we say to you: NEVER RIGHT CLICK in this game.

The Scoops

There are several scoops in this game:

1 – Normal scoops: they are most of the scoops in the game. All you have to do is dodge them.

2 – Scoops with toppings: the same thing about the normal scoops except they give more points to you.

Obs 1: They only give you points if they pass the whole scenery. If you pass a certain scoop x but you are hit later with scoop y and scoop x is still on screen, you will NOT win the points for it. So, be really careful.

3 – The Slow Scoop: a red scoop with a (-) sign. If you get it you the scoops will move slower. It may seen good, but it’s not, really. Scoops will start grouping and you have more chances of being hit. You may use it in the beginning for training but it’s not recommended.

4 – The Fast Scoop: a green scoop with a (+) sign. It will make the scoops go faster. It can be good on the first levels, but not really necessary in the latter levels, the scoops are already fast.

5 – The Small Scoop: a purple scoop with a little Chia in it. If you get it, Adee will become smaller. It’s great because it’s easier to escape some hard group of scoops. Try to get it as much as you want.

6 – The Big Scoop: a blue scoop with a big Chia in it. If you get it, Adee will become bigger. It’s an awful scoop. NEVER GET IT! It only ruins your game since it gets harder to dodge.

Obs 2: these scoops are cumulative. If you get two small scoops and a fast scoop, Adee will get 4x smaller and the scoops will get 2x faster.

7 - The Cherry Scoop: If you get it, you will get 100 points. Always get it!

8 – The Fish Scoop: If you get it, you will get 250 points. Always get it!

9 – The Ollie Scoop: If you get it, you will get 1000 points!!!!!!!! It’s really rare though, I’ve only seen it twice and I play this game A LOT.

10 – The Life Scoop: If you get it, you will get an extra life. ALWAYS GET IT! To get a good score you will need a lot of live (trust me, you will need a lot in the last levels).

11 – The Shield Scoop: If you get it, you will be protected by a shield for a few seconds. It can help you a lot but sometimes it appears in such a risky place and it’s not worth getting it.

12 – The Strawberry Bomb: If you get it, your screen will be “cleaned”, that means all the scoops will disappear. It’s not really good because you will lose a lot of points from the scoops, but you should get it if you are going to die, because your life is really important in this game.

Obs 3: if you get any of these scoops your stats will be reseted. For example, you got one small scoop and one slow scoop, if you get a shield scoop, Adee will become bigger (to its original size) and the scoops will become faster (to their original speed).


First of all, type the code strawberryvanillachocolate in the beginning of the game (and NOT when the scoops are flying in the pause between them) to get an extra life. It only works ONCE per game, so you will only get one extra life. Also, put Adee in the middle of the screen (or medium high, what you prefer), because it’s the most strategic way to analyze your game and dodge the scoops (basically it’s harder to get cornered by them).

That being said, let’s talk about level by level:

Level 1 – 25 scoops. Really easy, you shouldn’t have a problem with it.

Level 2 – 50 scoops. The same as above, it just has more scoops to dodge.

Level 3 – 75 scoops. It might get a little harder because of the number of scoops, but still you can manage it.

Level 4 -100 scoops. It gets faster, you may have trouble in the beginning, but you will get used to it.

Level 5 – 125 scoops. The same as above.

Level 6 – 150 scoops. Now it gets harder! You might have a lot of problems in the beginning but some practice will help you in this.

Level 7 – 175 scoops. The same as above.

Level 8 – 200 scoops. The same as above, but I usually lost a life in here, because of the speed of the scoops.

Level 9 – 225 scoops. Welcome to the hard levels! It’s common to lose a lot of lives in it, don’t worry. The shield may help you a lot in these levels. What I realized after playing them a lot is that the scoops are concentrated in one side. So if you see some scoops on the right side, avoid it, because it will have a lot of scoops.

Level 10 – 250 scoops. This is the level I hate the most. One time I lost SIX lives in it (I had eight). The scoops are really fast and not as concentrated as the last level, so it’s easier to be cornered. All I have to say is good luck to you.

Level 11 – 275 scoops. Basically a mix of the last two levels. It’s really hard to avoid them. Get the shields!

Level 12 – 300 scoops. The hardest level of the game and basically a harder level 10. I usually lose my game in it. Depending on your luck, you can get the game avatar (14500+ points) in this level.

Level 13 – 325 scoops. Last level of the game. I haven’t played it so much so I don’t have much to say. It’s not as hard as level 12, but it’s still hard.

Basically that’s it! And it’s the end of wintery games! Thank you for reading the series and stay tuned for new series soon!

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