White Weewoos don't exist. *shifty eyes* Circulation: 193,602,738 Issue: 701 | 2nd day of Collecting, Y17
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What Happened After the 700th Issue Was Published.

by _clement_

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Peas and Dreams
But, but, but... My dreams!

by adinos


Ghouls Day Off: Fall is Coming Part 1
What the Ghoul Catchers team does when they aren't working...

by pinochle


Turning Pages: Part Three
“I a-assure you, g-good lady, your daughter is ab-absolutely fine.” Sir Alberts continuously pulled at his collar, causing it to wrinkle. He was shaking, not necessarily because of fear, but because of the quaking of a much larger Krawk above him. Each pounding step sent shockwaves rumbling from beneath his feet.

Also by parody_ham

by warriorsrock965


NeoPaper: Envelope Shortage
When you're out of envelopes, you have to get creative...

by mbredboy31

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