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Avatar Madness

by mustikeuh121

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Count Ariathia
Well... That's not what you want.

by moonlitennight


Let's Dance!
That's just not how this works.

by wokitana


How embarrassing D:

by _clement_


A Day in the Life of Jeronie
What an exhausting and frustrating day. My day off and I spent it cleaning out my overly stuffed safety deposit box. If only the first thing I had run into hadn't been my stash of smug bug sticky paper. I am glad no other Neopians stopped by to see me. First I got one stuck on my foot, and while trying to remove it got another stuck on my left paw. My teeth finally got me out of that situation. Where did the rest of the day go?

Also by starburst_cutie

by applefaerie99

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