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The Neopian Snakebite Manual

by alli_draggy


Greetings, Neopia! I am Kasandaria, Alli's Battledome pet and creator of SAVE THE RATTLECOBRALLS!!! Anyway, suppose you're walking through Sakhmet and you get bitten by a Wadjet. Panic! Is it venomous? Do you need to go to the Neopian Hospital? Will you be a ghost in a short time? Well, good thing you were carrying the Neopian Snakebite Manual. This will tell you which Neopian snakes are venomous and which ones are just harmless little creatures. This field guide is essential if you want to spend any amount of time in Neopian wilderness.

Venomous Species


This is the Cobrall, the venomous snake you are most likely to encounter on your travels through Neopia. Some species of Cobrall most likely lives in any of the warmer climates of Neopia. The Common Cobrall is found in Neopia Central, the Desert Cobrall and Rattlecobrall are found in the Lost Desert, the Shovel-Nosed Cobrall is found in Tyrannia, and the Stone Cobrall is found in Geraptiku. If you are bitten by one, you will not become a ghost until three to four days later, but you might have an allergic reaction, in which case, get to the Neopian Hospital quick. All Cobrall species' danger ratings range at about five Miamice defeated per drop of venom.


This is the Reptillior, a viper most commonly found in the jungles of Tyrannia. Various colors have been found in the jungle, but the Reptillior is one species. However, you need not fear being bitten while spinning the Wheel of Mediocrity or browsing Ugga Shinies, as they are very shy creatures and stay in the Deep Jungle near bodies of water, as they eat fish-like Petpets. If you are bitten by one, you will become a ghost twelve hours to a day later. Its danger rating is seven Miamice defeated per drop of venom.


This is the Magtile, a species found on the Tyrannian Plateau. It is often thought it is a maggot crossed with a Reptillior, but that is actually just a rumor. Maggots cannot be crossed with Reptilliors and the Magtile is not related to either. Another rumor is that Magtiles are aggressive and drink blood. It is true that Magtiles can be aggressive when disturbed, but they don't drink blood and as long as you leave them alone, they'll leave you alone! Their danger rating is twelve Miamice defeated per drop of venom.

That is the venomous snakes of Neopia. However, there are many serpents whose bites are not officially venomous, but might cause allergic reactions in some Neopets.


This is the Quetzal, a species that inhabits the jungles of Mystery Island, but as more tourists flooded the land, most Quetzal populations are now inhabiting Geraptiku. These lovely creatures are not venomous, but in some Neopets, the chemicals in their spit can cause allergic reactions. Like with any wild Petpet, leave them alone and they'll leave you alone. They are docile when captive-raised and can make great pets as long as they're not taken from the wild!


This is the Wadjet, a species of python that inhabits the Lost Desert. They are prized by Lost Desert royalty and are seen in the fashion of that area, with the distinctive serpents on top of kings' and queens' headresses. They are often allowed to slither freely throughout Sakhmet and Qasala, and sometimes when getting desert pottery, you might also get a Wadjet that decided to sleep within a pot. However, if you wish to find Wadjets in the wild, the best place to find them would be a certain desert oasis. Go sixty paces east from Qasala, and then turn right and you will find the Mau of the Wadjet oasis. This area is actually named Mau of the Wadjet and there are numerous palaces with Wadjets slithering around freely, being fed Meepits by members of the royal court. They are not likely to bite, not even in the wild, as they are usually fairly docile.


Many debates between Neopian herpetologists have been forged over the simple question of whether the Kazeriu is a snake or a dragon. They are the highest-elevation known Petpet, living in trees near pools of water on the Shenkuu-Altador mountain range. But one thing many Neopians do not know is that you do not need to believe in Kazeriu in order to see them. They have many techniques for avoiding predators such as changing colors, but they are not magical and are completely real. In order to see the shy Kazeriu, you need to climb a mountain known as Mount Hydruplia, near the Altador side of the range, and sit near any pool of water with significant tree cover for a moderately long time, contemplating life, drawing pictures, or just sitting and doing nothing. A Kazeriu will know you are not going to eat it and slither down from its tree to investigate. Do not try to handle the Kazeriu, as it is scared easily. Simply stroke its head. The Kazeriu loves this kind of attention and may actually slither into your lap if you play your cards right. Even if you don't see a Kazeriu, spending time in the mountains of Shenkuu is calming and refreshing. There are very few reports of a Kazeriu biting a Neopet, but when they do, it happens when somebody is grabbing at the Kazeriu. They have very small fangs, and their bites are very similar to your owner pinching you in pain, but in some cases, like with other reptiles in this section, Neopets have had allergic reactions to them.


There is only one serpentine Neopet, and I am an example of its species. You know what I mean:the Hissi. There are only certain types of Hissi that are venomous, and they are Darigan, Tyrannian, Mutant, Eventide, interestingly enough, Shadow, Desert, Camouflage, and Brown are venomous. But I will tell you something many Neopians do not know, and get this into your mind. NEOPETS ARE NOT DOMESTICATED. A bite from your Darigan Hissi who wouldn't hurt a fly will be just as venomous as a bite from a wild Darigan Hissi. The main way to avoid Hissi bites is to treat Hissies well and respect their owners. And maybe give a certain Camouflage Hissi a back rub... and a wing massage... and lots of Almost Gummy Rats... and a gold Beauty Contest trophy...

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