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Top 10 Best Villains in Neopia

by fairygold


Villains. They are mean, nasty, and sometimes disgusting. They (try to) take over Neopia and steal items and take away Neopoints. Some just have a poor reputation. But the point is, Neopia wouldn't be complete without Dr. Sloth and the Pant Devil and the Tax Beast. They just... are a PART of Neopia.

However, some villains aren't so cool. I mean, maybe they aren't popular. Maybe they don't do things that bad. Maybe they just are not EPIC with events involved with them that make you dream of making friends with them and getting an ice cream cone.

I have made a list of those special villains, a top 10 list that I will now present to you! Oh, and one more thing: I am NOT a villain! Muhahaha- I mean, hahahaha!

10. Ghost Lupe

Okay, maybe he isn't really a VILLAIN... but at least I didn't put him lower! Anyway, the Ghost Lupe is pretty cool. With an air of mystery around him, he haunts pretty much all of Neopia, bossing you around and telling you not to go to Mystery Island and such. I think he is actually pretty epic. I mean, picture this scene: You're walking through the Haunted Woods at midnight. Suddenly, a cloak of mysterious smoke surrounds you, forcing you to cough. You stare around wildly, and suddenly, a voice behind you sounds. "You shall not go to Mystery Island!" the voice says. You spin around just to see a pale blue Lupe vanish into thin air. The mysterious smoke fades out. Amazingly, you are back in the main part of the Haunted Woods.

Creepy, eh?

9. Shadow Usul

This black Usul is also mysterious, but it actually has the traits of a villain, as opposed to Ghost Lupe. Shadow Usul sneaks around, kind of like a ninja spy thief, and steals items from you. You better watch out - it can be pretty scary. Just imagine a shadow Usul with no pupils sneaking up to you, grabbing an item from you, and vanishing. Kinda scary, I must say. The Shadow Usul's fluffy purple mane pops (colourwise), as the rest of it is black. And then, the most amazing question at all: what gender is it? (Dun dun duh...)

8. Xandra

Xandra is a spotted Xweetok. But now she's a RELIC Xweetok! (Hahaha!) Anyway, she is famous for being in the Faerie's Ruin plot that happened a while back. She pretended to be nice, then suddenly showed her evil and sank Faerieland. And to this day, Faerieland is on the ground. (Good-bye, last remaining land in the sky.) Although this upset many Neopians, TNT redrew it and now it looks awesome (in my opinion). Anyway, I'm getting off-track. Xandra, in conclusion, is pretty cool, but it is too bad she isn't around anymore... I think.

7. Vira

Vira is pretty ugly. (No offense, Viraaaaaaaah!!!)

Shine: Uh... please excuse Fairy for a moment. Vira just heard her. Oh, here she comes. Wait, where'd you get that bruise?

Um... I fell. Anyway, Vira is kind of a cross between an Acara and a Draik. She used to be an Acara, but somehow she grew wings and a pointy tail and became evil and all that. Talk about growth spurting. Vira will probably challenge you in the Battledome once you get her random event... she only says, "Fancy fighting in the Battledome?", though, so she doesn't seem very EPIC. But she does qualify for a villain, and her story is creepy. Apparently, she used to be a happy Acara, dancing in the flowers. But she wanted to be the most beautiful Acara in the world, and some shadowy voice heard her wish and granted it, but not exactly the way she wanted it to be, I'm sure. She now poisons the flowers. Aww... such a touching story. -wipes tear-

6. Hubrid Nox

Hubrid, the poor thing, is dead. Like I just said, the poor thing. An evil Chia and a mortal enemy of MAGAX: Destroyer, Hubrid used to live on a mountain and conduct bad plans to rule Neopia. He used zombies, ghosts, aliens and mutants to do his evil bidding. I think he just needed a little love. MAGAX thinks that he deserved it. MAGAX, you heartless Wocky!

Anyway, Hubrid Nox is dead. No more details. Next!

5. Meuka

Meuka is a snot Meerca who seems to be intent on grossing out every owner in Neopia. Slimy mucus slip-sliding everywhere, and you can tell where Meuka has been because of the disgustingly lovely pile of SNOT he leaves everywhere he goes! And don't let me even START on his house...

Meuka is bad because he snots on people's items, turning them into lumps of fresh, steaming SNOT. Ew. Nothing more to be said here.

4. Lord Darigan

Lord Darigan is the creepiest figure ever. No, really. Anybody who leads Darigan armies is creepy. It's a true fact. I read it in-- oh, never mind. You get it... I think. Anyway, who knows what Lord Darigan is? I see a hand in the back... oh, you were just stretching? Anybody? Well, the answer is... I have no idea. I was hoping you guys had an answer.

Meridell and Darigan have been enemies and fighting for eternal time. King Skarl the... let's just say, CHUBBY Skeith and Lord Darigan the skinny who-knows-what hate each other like flames hate water. Yikes. Apparently, King Hagan has no worries whatsoever for his brother, even though he isn't even fighting in a war. In fact, Brightvale is enemy-free. W00t!

3. Balthazar

Balthazar... tut tut. A blue Lupe who seems OBSESSED with capturing faeries, he steals them and sells them for neopoints. I seriously think somebody should show him how to play games. Like Kass Basher... heheh. Anyway, this Lupe is one of the STARS in Extreme Herder and Extreme Herder 2. Ugh... saving petpets from Balthazar and my heart breaking every time I heard a roar and one of the petpets disappeared. I have a feeling Balthazar enjoys eating pets. He can do it for free, at least... but what's the point of selling bottled faeries if he can have an all-you-can-eat buffet for free? Whatever.

2. Pant Devil

-shudders- This blue floaty thingy is scary. Just look at those glimmering white horns... so menacing and beautiful at the same time. Those creepy red eyes, just waiting for you to turn away so he can snatch your priceless valuables. The expensive happiness that is half your Neopian glamour life. Ahhh... anyway, that cackling mouth. Muhahaha. Those hands that have done his evil bidding so many times. And, worst of all... his lack of LEGS. How can something run away so fast, yet not have legs? Does he float? Hmmm... and now, for number 1, the best villain in Neopia (and beyond)... you probably already know who he is...

1. Dr. Frank Sloth

Yes, Dr. Sloth. Trying to take over Neopia evilly? Check. Lack of knowledge among Neopians of what he is? Check. Tall, skinny figure? Totally check. Yes, the ultimate villain is DR. SLOTH. Yay! Okay, listen... if you don't believe me now, read on. If you do believe me, PWEASE DON'T GO!!! He has a faerie enemy (who has not been captured yet by Balthazar), the Space Faerie. He has the Grundos work for him (I adopted poor lil' Kuiper so he wouldn't go back to work for mean ol' Sloth. And what about his name? Dr. Sloth? Dr. Frank Sloth? Sounds fitting. Frank sounds pretty much like a mad scientist who lives in space and has aliens working for him and is trying to destroy the nearest planet where pets and owners live in harmony, right? (Sorry all those guys with the name Frank.) So, Dr. Sloth is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! What does that spell? AMAZING! And also E-V-I-L! What does that spell? EVIL! And finally, T-H-E-E-N-D! What does that spell? The End!

Runners Up:

Count Von Roo - vampire awakens at midnight - beware!

Lord Kass - just as mean as Lord Darigan!

The Tax Beast - steals your money, and your home...!

Jhudora - the worst faerie of all... yet she still asks for toys for her quests. (Voo-doo dolls?!?)

Commander Garoo - worked with Sloth. Eeevvviiilll is written all over his face. No, seriously. I wrote it there with marker. Heheh.

Galem and Masila - Thieves' Guild members. Yikes.

Captain Scarblade - Arrr... he be evil, all right, ya matey!

Eliv Thade - Eh rtspa tpse dna opleep ni shi stlcae! findnoiteti fo veil! (He traps pets and people in his castle! Definition of evil!)

Author's Note: Yikeys. Wouldn't want to cross these guys. Hope you enjoyed it! Expect more top 10's! :D

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