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Customization: How to Make YOUR Pet Fabulous!

by hamzandrilez


Ever since I got started seriously customizing my pets a couple of years ago, I've gotten a lot of Neomails that were either complimenting my pets, or asking me what they could do to dress up their own pets. Recently, I've even started getting requests to create looks for pets! As fun as that is, however, it's time consuming and you never know if it's going to fit exactly what the person is looking for.

After thinking it over, I decided that I would take it one step further- instead of making one look at a time, I'm going to tell everyone my personal rules and the steps that I use before dressing up my pets! Let's start with my rules for the finished product:

1. Always have at least a background, two or more foregrounds, and spiffy clothes. Even though I consider items that your pet holds to be optional, some think it's important. You want your look to look complete! (Pun intended)

2. Color coordination is key! If you can get your wearable items to match your pet's beautiful color, then that's great! If you don't have the Neopoints or the Neocash to get those items, however, there is an alternative solution- see what wearables you have that will look good with the color of your pet. Examples: Shadow pet with dark purple wearables, and Brown pet with green/foresty colors.

3. If you're going to use a theme that has been done a lot like "rock star" or "hero", try adding another item that will be either humorous or make your pet stand out!

That was easy, wasn't it? Now, onto my own steps that I use what I'm creating a look:

Step 1; I get an idea of how I want my pet to look. This is called the "theme", and it can be a number of things. The theme can be something as simple as "Pink", "Green", or "Food", it can be world-specific (like Meridell, Faerieland, Haunted Woods, or Darigan Citadel), or it can even be completely unique! My own Techo, Allker, has the look of a ninja that hasn't slept in ages.

Step 2: I pick out a background that I think will work with the theme I'm going for. I ask myself, "Does it fit the personality of the pet I'm dressing up", and then I ask myself, "Will this background match any type of foreground?". If the answer is no to either of those questions, I look for another background to use.

Step 2: Immediately after I choose an awesome background, I've got to make sure the foreground I pick will look good with it! The best way to tell if it's a good one is if the foreground looks like it could be an extension of the background, or if it looks like it belongs. The same principle applies to the garland or upper foreground. Some of the most common matches that I see are ones like these:

Day at the Beach Background + Hanging Vines

Scenic Tyrannian Background + Tyrannian Flora Foreground

These are my personal favorite basic combinations:

Pretty Tropical Lagoon Background + Hot Springs

Frozen Gothic Columns Foreground + Snow Laden Foreground

Rustic Outdoor Theatre Background + Heart of the Forest

Earth Faerie Frame + Tranquil Stream Foreground

Now, if I really want to make a look complete, I'll use multiple items to do so! Here are some of the ones I've used a lot and like best:

Neovia Shop Silhouette Background + Gate to Deserted Fairground Foreground + A Rolling Fog + Dreary Foreground

Playful Ink Frame (other ink frames are optional) + Ornate Mirror Reflection + Spooky Forest Path Background

Don't have Neocash? No problem! There are some great items from Ugga Shinies that I use a lot in my looks. Neopoint combinations can be done just as effectively as Neocash combinations!

Step 3: After I get the background item stuff done, it's time for the fun part: Picking out a fabulous outfit for my pet! There are three things that I take into consideration here- Color (if it matches or goes with the background), Paint Brush Color (if your pet has Paint Brush clothes that would work), and matching the theme of the background/foreground combination. Items for your pet to hold are purely optional, unless your theme requires them specifically. The wrong outfit can ruin a good look! Sometimes, you can put two items together to make it look like one item! These are a type of combination as well! There are some fun ones that I have used to make some good outfits, and here are my four favorites:

Shimmery Seashell Dress + Knitted Grey Caplet

Accessories Shop Dress + Scarf Blowing in the Wind

Icy Armour + Delicate Blue Dress

Sparkling Faerie Dress + Cosmic Space Faerie Leggings

Step 4: Once I've finished my outfit, I go to my User Look Up to see a miniature version of my pet. Does it look good all put together in a smaller scale? If the answer is no, then I'm not done and have to go back to the drawing board! There have been many instances where I thought my pet's look was good when I first completed it, but seeing a smaller version of it made me rethink my whole theme.

Step 5: After steps 1-4, I congratulate myself on a look well done and celebrate! In my opinion, this is by far my most important step. If you're not proud of your pet after finishing its look, you may have to start all over again until you feel like you've made a design that you love.

So those are my rules and steps for customizing my own pets! I hope these help out anyone who's confused on what to do to make their pets fabulous! However, it's not just enough to make your pet happy and look good. The most important part of any Customization is if you like it or not. Feel free to Neomail me with any questions, and happy Customizing!

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