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Top 10 Mystery Island Souvenirs

by jackie_3_3_3


I just want to thank the Jellyneo Item Database for making my life easier with price estimates!

Everyone knows that Mystery Island is the hottest place for a long and needed vacation whether in the hot summer days or even during the winter holidays! Of course, don't expect to really wear that swimsuit during the snow but the warm weather is returning and soon will be packed with nothing but fun! After the vacation is done, though, you can't help but want to bring a little piece of the island experience with you back home. Thankfully the Tiki Tack is not too far from the Harbour when you're about to exit the island, so you can look around and buy something before heading home. Don't be intimidated by the storekeeper; he's actually a very funny and chill guy even though he's always busy running the Tiki Tack, Tombola, and for some reason being seen around Pango Palladium.

To save you some time before your departure, I have compiled a top 10 list of must-have souvenirs to take back home. Each provides that warm inner Mystery Island feeling of bliss and remembrance even when you're away. Make note that these items are in no particular order and enjoy what each of them has to offer~!


1. Tiki Bookmark

Description: BOOKMARK HOO HA HA!

Price Estimate: 1 NP

This has got to be one of my most favorite bookmarks out there! Having a little tiki head save your spot while you're reading Jokes To Make Skarl Laugh for that next visit really helps out and you don't ever have to bend the pages. Of course, this bookmark can't help when the book disappears and is not at fault.


2. Carved Tiki Mug

Description: Now, no matter what you are drinking you will think of Mystery Island.

Price Estimate: 1,700 NP

Enjoy your favorite drinks even more when sipping out of a Carved Tiki Mug. Hand crafted to perfection, this mug will remind you of all the island heads found throughout Mystery Island and all those times you thought they were stalking you. That's silly; only Mumbo Pango watches over us!


3. Tiki Floaty Pen

Description: The coconut rolls back and forth when you tip the pen around

Price Estimate: 10,000 NP

Once the vacation is over, it's back to work for most Neopians and just thinking about those long hours at the office or going back to school can get a bit depressing (unless you just really enjoy those things). So next time you're writing that report or taking notes, bring along this fun pen to remind you of the time you took that Tiki Tour with that cute little Tiki Tour Guide (he's like 2 cm tall!).


4. Tiki Magnets

Description: Great cheap souvenirs for the relatives you pretend you like!

Price Estimate: 600 NP

You know, THOSE certain-relatives-in-which-we-will-not-say-any-names. Relatives will expect you to bring them something from vacations, so you can save plenty of neopoints by getting them these island magnets of one of the fellow coconut natives and a tiki head. Personally, I would buy a bunch of these and put them all over my refrigerator and pretend I have a large coconut army! You never know when your Hot Fudge Sundae will need protecting.


5. Hularoo

Description: Amuse your friends and family with this hula dancing Blumaroo.

Price Estimate: 1,500 NP

This souvenir is seen just about everywhere! Anyone who is anyone that went to Mystery Island will have this amusing hula dancing Blumaroo on display deep in the attic or out in the open on their Sunny Yellow Dresser for blending purposes. Dancing back and forth and back and forth never gets old and makes you want to join along with your own Green Grass Skirt! I know I'm not the only one. Close alternative include the Hula Aisha, Island Blumaroo Hula Doll, or the Island Grarrl Hula Doll.


6. Green Grass Skirt

Description: Just the thing for a great Mystery Island tiki party! Now all you need is some tasty fruit, and a limbo dancing competition!

Price Estimate: 800 NP

Of course this will be mentioned, just look back on number five! This must-have fashion also comes in many colors to suit your tastes including pink, blue, purple, red, and yellow. Each individual color can be bought for around 1,000 neopoints only so please buy one of each color! Better yet, buy FOUR of each color (just in case one gets accidentally burned from a fire pet or petpet). You might have noticed on your trip to Mystery Island that the natives have their own unique grass skirts and wonder if you can get something similar. Unfortunately, all those were self made for them and the natives don't really believe in "sharing" unless you really enjoy running through the jungle escaping.


7. Bag of Decorative Seashells

Description: A bag of clean seashells to add a little ocean fun to your home.

Price Estimate: 1 NP

Nothing beats relaxing on the beautiful white sands of Mystery Island near the clear blue ocean. A favorite pastime would be walking on the sands and looking for seashells to add to albums or to decorate at home. For those that don't want to interrupt that working tan or wants to avoid the hassle of looking for seashells themselves can buy a whole bag instead! Filled with plenty of clean and unique seashells, one can take these home and decorate to their heart's content. Whenever your friends or relatives come by for a visit, you can explain how you found them all yourself! Don't worry, we won't tell. *wink*


8. Fake Shrunken Head Charm Bracelet

Description: How delightfully disturbing!

Price Estimate: 8,500 NP

I still wear this bracelet today! This charming bracelet shows off a few of the natives' favorite evil coconuts on a bracelet that fits all arm sizes. Make a fashion statement as you do your afternoon shopping and watch how the delightful children cower at the sight of the Angry Evil Coconut! Of course, the reason to really wear this bracelet is to convince others to also purchase it whenever they come over to Mystery Island. Mr. Coconut will be very happy.


9. Elegant Bottle of Sand

Description: This particular bottle of sand is quite expensive due to its elegant nature.

Price Estimate: 92,000 NP

This item is for the Neopians that need to bring back something a bit more refined and elegant to show off to others back home. Anyone can grab a bottle and pick up the beautiful white sands near the ocean or the different colored sands found on different shores around Mystery Island. You can still bring all the different sands but if you have the neopoints and want something eye-catching to show off your refined self, buy this unique souvenir and watch everyone be indubitably envious.


10. Wooden Meepit Totem

Description: They say that totems don't really come to life...

Price Estimate: 900 NP

Last but not least, a wooden totem made by the Tombola Guy himself is definitely worth considering. Each individually made so that not one is like the other, this makes a great gift for anyone and who honestly wouldn't want a Wooden Meepit around? If Meepits aren't your thing, you can also consider other petpets like the Wooden Warf Totem, Wooden Snuffly Totem, or Wooden Stahkee Totem. But really, Meepits are the way to go and surely you don't want unforeseen forces to pay you visit for not getting one... right?


Remember, all these items can be bought from the Tiki Tack and if you're not limited on neopoints, you can continue to browse around and buy even more things not mentioned in here! Because everything there is worth buying and I'm not getting paid at all to write this! :D

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