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5 Easy Trophies to try for on Reset Night

by flotsam_freako_8254


So you've managed to bluff your way through Cheat, ace that game of Cellblock and finally got that hard-earned Pyramids trophy. However you have found that you have run out of possible options for more glittery game trophies to get, and those Top 17 game ones sound difficult, right? Well, your trophy hunting journey isn't over yet. There are some games which require little skill to get a high enough score for on reset night (i.e. the first of every month when the high score tables are reset) that you can easily try! Here are my Top 5 for lazy game trophies with minimal skill:

1. Ruins Rampage

Need at least: 325 points

What makes getting at least a bronze in this game easy is that this is one of the games where anyone getting the top score of 850 in the game gets gold, which means that no matter how many people get 850, there will be 14 other trophy spots available for you if you don't get the max score. If you have any sense of direction guiding a character throughout some ruins with the arrow keys, getting 325+ and a bronze should be no problem.

In Ruins Rampage, you can choose between two characters to lead through the ruins - there is no difference between the two so choose who ever you want. Your goal is to collect coins and scorchstones whilst avoiding the nasty booby traps such as fire pits, arrows and hidden spikes laid out for you. This game is similar to Grand Theft Ummagine in that the layout of the game is the same for every player, so all you need to do is to open a guide telling you where to step, where to avoid, and complete as much of the game as you can. This guide here has an excellent walkthrough of the entire game that you should follow. And that's all to the gameplay! Just make sure you check what you need to do before you attempt it, and take your time because there are no time bonuses to be concerned with.

325 is a common bronze score, however multiple players will get that score on reset night. Therefore to get the trophy you need to send in your score as soon as possible, as the high score table works on a first in, first serve basis. Unlike with gold, where all max scores gets gold, the same does not apply to bronze. As long as you are aware of this and send in your score early, 325 should get you a bronze on most months.

2. Gourmet Club Bowls

Need at least: 900 points

This is one of the games where you can get a trophy score on your first, second or third try quite easily, as the game is not only easy to play, but very little scores are sent during reset night compared to other games. This means you have a lot less players to compete for a trophy with. I have written a more in-depth guide on Gourmet Club Bowls here but to summarise the game: your aim is to bowl your red ball as close to the jack (the small white ball) as you can, whilst watching out for your opponent who is also trying to get his blue balls as close to the jack as he can. If your ball ends up closer to the jack than your opponent's, you win the round and get a point, and the first to seven wins the level. There is also the amazing 'shepherd' code that you enter in BEFORE you play that doubles your score. That's right, the code doubles your score, so if you score 900 in actuality it is double a score of 450, which is an amazing help when going for any sort of high score. All you need to play this game is your mouse - sounds simple enough, doesn't it?

3. Kookia

Need at least: 300 000 points

Kookia is a fun, cute game that gives out an equally adorable trophy. The aim of this game is to capture the Kookiths running rampage in various kingdoms by hovering your mouse over them, or in the case of the Ghost Kookiths, clicking. I find there are two main tricks to a trophy in this game: playing in hard mode, and the spacebar. This is because you get way more points playing in hard mode and it is not really that much more difficult than easy or medium. The spacebar is important too - have you ever noticed that blue bar on the top of your screen and wondered what it does? If you press spacebar when it is full, it will slow down the Kookiths that come out for a few seconds, making it easier to capture them with your cursor as well as to get a higher score.

The key to getting a high score is through a process I refer to as 'chaining' - when the Kookiths appear, they always come out in a line, and the first Kookith you capture gets you 100 points, and then the second gets you 200, and provided that you don't miss one, individual Kookiths will reach the maximum value of 800 points (1600 for the Ghost Kookiths). However, if you miss a Kookith or there is a few seconds between Kookiths you have captured, the value of the caught Kookiths will fall back to 100. Therefore the longer you 'chain' Kookiths worth 800 points, the higher your score will be. This is where slowing down the Kookiths comes is handy - it makes it easier to move between different chains of Kookiths and still keep the 800 point value of each Kookith you capture. Also, if you capture 4 Ghost Kookiths in a level, you unlock a bonus round at the end of a level where you can try and catch as many Kookiths for bonus points. This is also a good time to slow down the Kookiths, as in the bonus levels they do not come out in nice straight lines but from anywhere on the screen. On a good bonus round, you can get around 10000 points, which can do wonders to your score. Finishing the game with an average of 45000+ points per level should easily get you a trophy.

4. Hannah and the Kreludor Caves

Need at least: 35 000 points

If semi-mindless trophy earning is for you, then this trophy will be as easy as bread and butter. The colour of your trophy will depend on how long you decide to mindlessly play, and at almost no skill necessary. All you need to do is repeat Level 1 over and over again until you get the score you want. How this works is that once you complete a level, when you reach the menu for the next level you have two options: Back and Play. If you click Back, it will take you back to the menu with all the different levels of the game available to play. Here you should click Level 1, finish it, click back and keep playing. Each replay of Level 1 will get you approximately 1000 points, so if you wish to score around 40000, repeat Level 1 40 times and so on. If you wish for more of a challenge, by all means try out the other levels as well by choosing the Play option.

There is only one hazard on Level 1, located towards the end of the level - spikes. As long as you successfully jump over them and not run out of oxygen, it is almost impossible to lose a life on the level, and this is what makes it very easy to get a trophy in this game as long as you have time and patience.

5. Wheeler's Wild Ride

Need at least: 2000 points

This game is similar to Hannah and the Kreludor Caves in that it is also a semi-mindless farming game that requires very little skill. As long as you have the ability to tap your right (or left depending on your preference) arrow key and navigate through a simple obstacle course for a few levels, you should find this trophy little problem. To begin, cycle through Levels 1-1 to 2-2, collecting all of the coconuts that you see without dying, as every time you die, you lose coconuts and you want your coconut count to be as high as possible before you begin farming. Once you have collected around 50 coconuts and have reached the start of Level 2-2 should you begin farming. Jumping off the ledge at the beginning of the level will give you a flat area that is perfect for farming.

To farm, you need to get Wheeler to perform 'wheelies' by taping the right or left arrow key, depending on your preference, to get the bike to balance on one wheel. For every second you balance on one wheel, you get 5 points, so the longer you balance the more points you get. Because there is a 45 second time limit on Level 2-2 you need to deliberately overturn the bike with several seconds left to go, which will cause you to drop a coconut but will also reset the counter. If you do not overturn your bike at this stage you will lose a lot more coconuts - therefore overturning the bike to lose one instead of many coconuts should be your goal. Once the counter resets, you should continue performing wheelies until you have a few seconds left, overturn the bike and so on. You can continue doing this until you run out of coconuts, however for bronze you can stop a lot earlier with your farming - I got a score of 8000+ using 40 or so coconuts, you can use a lot less for bronze. Try and average at least 150 points per coconut and this can give you a general indication of where you can stop farming. If you wish, you can collect coconuts and farm elsewhere, but I prefer Level 2-2 for farming as it is very difficult to accidentally 'slip' off onto other parts of the level, such as is possible at the start of Level 1-1 for instance.

Now that you have been given a nudge in the right direction on easy trophies to try for on reset night, go and get yourself five new shiny trophies! They are all easily possible as long as you have the time and patience on reset night, and you do not have to be a terrific gamer to attain them.

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