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Interview with Pry

by 16draw33ia


HAPPY VALLEY – After another improvement in the Altador Cup standings, I went out seeking an interview with Prytariel, Terror Mountain's team captain. Thanks to a few schedule adjustments Prytariel was able to make some time for us.

I have to say thank you, Mrs. Prytariel, for taking your time to have an interview with us at the Neopian Times!

Prytariel: No worries, it's all in a day's work for a team captain.

Reporter: My first question to you is how did your team feel after the first round of last year's Cup?

Pry: Well, we had high spirits, probably too high, and that may have led to our position of 8th, but we enjoy every second on and off the field during the Cup.

R: Even though you faded into 8th place at the end of the Cup this was still your highest placing to date, can we expect more of this to come?

Pry: You can bet on it! We mountaineers work hard to prove our land proud! Don't be surprised if we take the Cup in the near future!

R: Records show that your team focuses mainly on the side games rather than yooyuball, could you explain?

Pry: Well, in our minds three side game wins is equal to the amount of one yooyuball win, so if we can tie it in the arena our side game prowess will be overpowering, giving us the W.

R: Many describe your team as tight-knit squad capable of working towards one common goal, how would you describe your team and your relationships to your teammates?

Pry: I think when our team works together we can beat any team in the land. As for our chemistry, I'd say we have one best in the Cup. Evrem, has adapted well to our system in just a few short years, and everyone else has been here for awhile now, so we cooperate easily.

R: How do you feel about the reports claiming that your team has had several fights, especially during the second round of last year's Cup?

Pry: Every team is going to have disagreements at one time or another, but as for us, I'd say we've moved on and will perform even better this year.

R: Reports have said that there could be another change in your squad's look, your thoughts?

Pry: I try not to think about that as team captain, but as for now I'd say you'll see the same Terror Mountain players again this year.

R: I hear that Rinok Fitel claims he has the best hair on the team, your thoughts?

Pry: Well, since Osielle and Evrem have little to no hair and Minae just has some, and it isn't too flashy. I'd say it's between Rinok and me, and I would say my ponytail is just a tad better than his. No big deal.

R: Terror Mountain has historically been a lower-tier team, how did you overcome that hurdle?

Pry: We worked as one unit. You saw the Virtupets' team go from last place to first in four years, why couldn't we do the same?

R: There seem to be several similarities between the Mountaineers and the Robots, would you call your team the apprentice and them the master?

Pry: Sure we both started out as low placing teams and both had a monumental Shootout Showdown streak, but the comparison stops there. We would like to accomplish what the Space Station has done, but because we have some things in common doesn't mean they are the better team since they obtain it first.

R: Very strong feelings you have there, why?

Pry: People act like we are copycats and it anger me because I know we are just as capable of doing the same things. Obviously, what they have accomplished is our goal, but we definitely are not shadowing them in any way. We try and be Terror Mountain and no one else.

R: What kind of chances do you give Virtupets in repeating as victors?

Pry: Not much if they are going against us, just kidding with you. I think they have as good of chance as anyone else. For their sake, I just hope they don't fall as far as the Lost Desert posse after their championship year.

R: Not that you've won the Cup before, but what kind of advice do you give to the robots after a success?

Pry: Keep your heads a normal size, don't get overconfident, and do what you do best, win.

R: I see you have a high respect for the Robots, any other teams you hold a high respect for?

Pry: The team I hold with the highest respect is the Tyrannian team. They have come some far since the first Cup and I expect them to keep on improving.

R: People often compare you to the Dinos, your thoughts on this?

Pry: They are the perfect picture of a team, in my opinion. They dominate in side games, similar to our team, and can beat any team in yooyuball if they try.

R: Is your role model is Loryche?

Pry: Loryche is a wonderful captain and has helped me grow so much since it all started. When we are not going at it on the field, I root for them with all my heart.

R: Do you dislike bigger teams, or do you just fancy the smaller squads?

Pry: I don't hate any team, big or small, but since we are a smaller team, I guess I prefer our style.

R: Could you ever see your team with hot headed players on huge contracts, who hate the rest of their team?

Pry: I can see it happening to any team, but it won't happen to us especially after our horrific second round showing in last year's Cup.

R: Would you sacrifice team chemistry for an instant Altador Cup victory of your own?

Pry: That seems like a pretty selfish gesture, to me. I'd rather take the time to rise in the ranks and have great relationships all the way through because it would make it all the sweeter to share the victory with my best friends.

R: How do you think the Committee will handle the problems that occurred with the revised version of yooyuball?

Pry: I don't think people gave it much of a chance, if it wasn't what they were used to, so they boycotted and raged. I personally preferred the old version, so I would hope they give both options or change back. Making the fans happy is what keeps this thing going you know!

R: What kind of problems/benefits do you receive, being from Terror Mountain?

Pry: Personally, I think the heat of Altador slows us down on the pitch, but the air conditioned slushie room puts us right in our comfort zone.

R: What can we expect from Terror Mountain in this year's Cup?

Pry: You can expect us to keep on moving up! Not necessarily bring home the Cup or even making the podium, but first tier is our main goal. Winning the second tier would be a nice consolation prize, but the first tier is where we want to be!

R: Well, that's all we have time for today! Thank you so much for you time Captain Prytariel and good luck in this year's cup!

Pry: It was my pleasure and thank you for your best wishes! Safe travels!

R: Join us next time for an exclusive interview with team captain of Tyrannia, Loryche!

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