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A Guide to Time Tunnel: One Code at a Time

by faeriequeenoffire


Welcome to the Time Tunnel! Gorix is looking for a way in and you need to help because what's inside may be the key to saving the Neoverse from Sloth's evil reign! Before you are multiple codes that you must crack and with varying amount of colours to choose from to match up, so it's only a matter of time before you find the code that will allow you to go on to the next level. All you have to do is complete twelve levels in twelve guesses each, and that tunnel will be open for Gorix to discover the secret inside. While you listen to the soothing music – that is definitely not trying to lull you into a false sense of safety – let's go through the instructions together!

Before you, you have four slots in which you have to put coloured rocks into in order to try and crack the code. The colours you have to choose from in the beginning are white (default), grey, blue, and red – later on, the colours orange and eventually purple while be added to your selection. From these colours, you must choose four – either all the same, different, or in varying combinations – and submit them to see if the door will unlock. The door will show you the correctness of your answer along the side of the tablet you submitted; if you have stones in the right colour in the right place, you will see green marks; if you have stones in the right colour in the wrong place, you will see orange marks; if you have no stones that are correct in colour then it will remain unmarked.

When a green mark is displayed, that means a stone is the right colour and in the right place: but which one is it? That's what you need to determine.

When an orange mark is displayed, that means a stone is the right colour but not where it should be: but which one is it? Let's find out!

It's easy enough when the tablet is unmarked because the colour/s you chose were not right – therefore, you don't need to determine what goes where one you get one or many green lights. But you still aren't any closer to opening that door!

One way to make cracking the codes easier is to first start off by submitting the tablet as it is, leaving all four stones white. When the tablet returns with the markings the door leaves on it, then we can determine what to do next:

If you get one green mark, that means that one of the stones is the right colour in the right place – they were all white so we don't need to guess which colour it is, but we do need to guess which stone it is! Leave the first one as it is then click on the other slots to put the next coloured stones in the other three slots: grey. When you are finished, it should look like this: white, grey, grey, grey. Now submit it! If you receive one green mark then that means that the white is in the right spot and none of the greys are right – that doesn't matter, though, because now you know that the first stone is right! If you get two oranges, then that means the white isn't in the right spot and neither is one of the grey stones, but because those are the only two colours you are guaranteed to know that the grey then will be the correct first stone – it has to be, because every other position besides the white is also grey. This doesn't tell you where the white stone goes properly, but the first one is definitely grey, so colour it in! Then make the next one white and the other two blue and submit it so it looks like this: grey, white, blue, blue.

If you get two green marks and two orange marks, that means that you have all the correct stones guessed, all you need to do is find out which ones. The grey is right, so that leaves switching a blue and a white stone – the only option there is since there are no other colours. Either grey, blue, white, blue is right, or grey, blue, blue, white is – see which one it is! Once you get the correct combination, the tablet clears and you move on to the next level where you start again.

Another way that the game can go on the first level is that you get no marks, but this is ok because that means that none of them are white – so put in grey coloured stones in all the slots instead and work from there. You can also get more than one green marks, and that's great because you know that some of the stones are white and you just need to find out which ones! Using the method mentioned above, try to find what colour stones fit in the other slots and what position they go in to crack the level. In the later levels you will have more colours to choose from, but for now get used to the game to find strategies to cracking codes faster and faster!

Don't forget there's a bonus time limit, so the faster you crack the code, the more points you make and the bigger score you get at the end of the game – if you're lucky enough to help Gorix get that far in opening the Time Tunnel, that is! Also, you only have twelve tries per level – the door can only hold and mark so many tablets, so do your best in determining which stones go where so that you don't use all the tablets up! There are twelve levels in total, so work your way through them smartly and you'll be able to solve them all in no time!

The fate of the Neoverse lies in your hands, so using your mind to help Gorix with the Time Tunnel, uncover the secrets concealed by the door – you will be rewarded handsomely! Good luck, code crackers!

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