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Training to Defend Neopia: A Defender Trainer Guide

by terabithian


Judge Hog certainly is an inspiration with those constant rescue missions. He knows all about petpets and pets in danger and is always off to save them. So now, it's your turn. Well, sort of. To become an agent like Judge Hog, you're going to have to train to defend yourself and others by familiarizing yourself with a game: Defender Trainer.

To be a super hero or even a defender of Neopia, you're going to have to work on those reflexes, so get ready. The Defenders of Neopia are looking for the elite, the cream of the crop. So your job is to work on those reflexes by familiarizing yourself with the types of Neopets, petpets and other things you may come across in your quest to save Neopia.

The game screen when you first load the game is split into three sections. Easy, Medium and Hard. If you're just starting out, or want to learn more about the game, click easy. If you're very familiar with every Neopet species, every petpet and everything about Neopia, then either you're brilliant or you're Judge Hog in disguise.

When you click your mode, it will load the game screen where you actually play the game. If you are playing in Easy mode, then you will be faced with four pictures and a question at the bottom. At the top there will be your score, time bonus and what round you are up to. The difficulty sets how many pictures you have to choose from. In Medium mode, you have six pictures to choose from and in Hard you have nine pictures.

It is always the question that is important. Lucky for you, the questions are the same no matter what the difficulty. The first question that they ask is which Neopet starts with the letter (followed by the letter). Then you will have to choose which is the correct Neopet. If you get it right, you move onto the next question. If you get it wrong, then you lose a life. If you lose all your lives, it's game over. Occasionally they ask you what Neopet does NOT start with the letter, which may throw you off, but just click a Neopet that isn't the right one and you'll get it right.

The rounds that they will ask you are always:

Round 1: Which Neopet starts with ""?

Usually if you play it in easy, it's rather simple. Just familiarize yourself with the Neopets. Things get trickier the more images you have to choose from. Eventually you'll realise that they always put the same pets, just in different orders to make sure you memorize the ones that they have in the game.

Round 2: Which Petpet starts with ""?

Petpets are a little trickier, because not everybody knows their petpets while most people are familiar with at least a few species of Neopets. Familiarize yourself with the petpets in the game. That way if some unknown petpet pops up, you know which one it is and can score more points in the game.

Round 3: Which is an anagram of ""? (Neopets and Petpets).

Anagrams may seem tricky, but the ones in Defender Trainer are actually quite easy. If you look at the letters you can usually tell which pet or petpet it is. If you get quite a few right on this level, then you should get an extra life.

Round 4: Which is an an anagram of ""? (Items only).

This one is quite tricky if you aren't familiar with Neopet items. The first few times I tried it, I failed miserably. But the more I played this game, the more familiar I became with the items. Some of them you should already be familiar with, such as Faerie and Usuki. Others may be completely new to you. Just keep practicing and eventually you will be able to remember them all.

Round 5: What starts with the letter "" (Neopets, Petpets and Items)

Things start to get even trickier around Level 5 because you have to find the pet, petpet or item which starts with a letter. This might be tricky if you're not familiar with them at all, but by playing every day you'll soon learn them all.

Round 6: Which has the Longest Name? (Neopets and Petpets)

Figuring out which pet or petpet has the longest name can be quite tricky. As a rule of thumb I try to think of the two who have the longest name. Tuskaninny is always the longest name. Other long names are Drackonack and Elephante. If you practice this game and play it often, then you should become familiar with those pets and petpets with the longest names.

Round 7: Which has the Shortest Name? (Neopets and Petpets)

Another familiar activity, only this time it's reversed. Instead of finding the longest name, you have to find the pet or petpet with the shortest name. A lot of pets and petpets have three or four letter names, so make sure you memorize those. Three letter names include Ixi and Uni. A four letter petpet is a Warf. If you've memorized all the longest names, then you know which pet or petpet isn't going to be the answer!

Round 8: Which ends with the Letter ""?(Neopets, Petpets and Items)

This is where things get very difficult because now you have to think of the end of the word. Depending on the letter, try to find the Neopet who ends in the letter before time runs out. It can be quite frustrating, but just persevere and you'll finish the level soon enough. If you're having trouble on medium or hard, don't feel bad about playing this level on easy. Playing the harder levels on easy should familiarize you with the Neopets and what letters they end in.

Round 9: Which contains the letters "" and ""? (Neopets, Petpets and Items)

This is the second to last level in the game. You need to find the image of the Neopet, Petpet or Item that contains certain letters. Sometimes you have to be fast. The time runs out fast in this level, so take a look at the letters given to you. Sometimes it will be easy to decipher and other times it won't, but keep trying.

Round 10: Which has the most vowels? (Neopets, Petpets and Items)

This is the last level in the game . It is also the hardest because it asks you which Neopet, Petpet or Item has the most vowels. The amount of a, e, i, o and u can be hard to find in the name, so just practice. The more you practice, the better you will get.

If you have completed Level 10, then congratulations, you have finished the game and are well equipped to go out and save Neopia. Otherwise, no harm done; just go back and practice. Start by practicing the easier levels, then build your way up to the harder ones. And some day you may even have a nice shiny trophy to show Judge Hog. That is, if you are not really Judge Hog in disguise. You aren't, are you?

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