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17 Guild Activity Ideas

by terabithian


If you're on a guild council or in charge of guild activities, often it's difficult to think of new and exciting activities for your guild members to participate in. So here are some ideas.

#1 Meet the Members

Ask your guild members to send you a neomail with some questions about themselves. Put the answers on a petpage without the usernames and see if your guildees can guess who is who. It's also a good way to get users to communicate with each other! So ask those questions and get some answers and presto! Activity!

#2 Stamp collecting

If you want your guildees to work on their accounts, then collecting stamps is a good way of helping them build on their accounts. Post a page of stamps and see which ones they can collect.

#3 Game Saturday (or Game weeks)

If you're part of an avatar guild, then it's useful to have a Game Saturday or Game week where everyone in the guild works on a particular avatar game such as Petpetsitter or Volcano Run. Get your guildees to send their scores to you and then find out who can score the highest.

#4 Mystery Pictures

Why not screen cap some pictures of pets or places in Neopia and distort them in a paint program so your guildees have to guess what the picture is of. If you're stuck for ideas have a look at some of the Neopets ones here: http://www.neopets.com/games/mysterypic.phtml

#5 Daily Dare

Find some games you're good at and put high/low scores and see if your guildees can beat them. This activity is inspired by the one that the Neopets team runs so if you're stuck try looking up past Daily Dare challenges and see if anyone can do them even if the scores seem impossible!

#6 Writing activities

Getting into the Neopian Times is often the dream of many Neopians, so why not have a writing activity where your guildees have to write a story or article for the Neopian Times? You can give them writing exercises beforehand or even run a writing workshop. This way your guildees build on their writing skills before they've even tried to get published. If you yourself have been published, then why not give out tips?

#7 Drawing activities

For those creative guildees out there, drawing activities are right up their alley. You can pick a theme for them to draw on or give them a task. If someone in your guild has ideas for comics, why not get others to try and draw them in the hope of entering the Neopian Times? And if not, then you can always persuade them to attempt an entry for the Beauty Contest!

#8 Game Challenges

Based on AAA and Abigail yet again, a game challenge involves a series of 'challenges' where your guildees have to get a particular score in a game or play games that they normally wouldn't play.

#9 Key Quest

Playing Key Quest with guildees can be a lot of fun. So why not make it an activity? Just make sure that everyone plays fair and get them to post what exciting prizes they get on the guild board! This way they're playing Key Quest and keeping the guild board active.

#10 Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunts are fun, especially on the Neopets site. Give your guildees a list of pets or items to find on the Neopets site. They can be food or items for a season or even a pet. Just make sure they only send you the name of the item instead of sending you the items.

#11 Pet Project

This is one of my own ideas for an activity. There are lots of pets in the pound with terrible names, so why not make adopting them out a guild project? For a month, each guildee adopts a pet with a bad name from the pound and zaps them until they change to a more desirable species then rehomes them. It gives you something to do collectively as a guild and it also helps out those pets in need.

#12 Kad Feeding

Never fed a Kad before? Why not head over to the Kadoatery with your guildees and see if you can feed a Kadoatie? Feeding by yourself can get boring, but feeding with friends or guildees is fun. Make it fun by posting your feeds on the guild board!

#13 Guild Board Games

Playing games on the guild board can get a bit complicated, but there are quite a few games you can play on the board such as Avatar Simon and Avatar Survivor.

Avatar Simon: The host puts 10 avatars as their active and everybody puts whether they have it or not.

Avatar Survivor: The host picks a theme such as 'dark' or 'happy' and everyone changes their avatar to one they think suits the theme then votes on who they think has the worst avatar. The person still standing at the end wins the game.

#14 Trophy Reset Days

The first day of the month is trophy reset day, which means there are higher chances of getting a trophy for a flash game! So if your guild focuses on building up an account, then why not post some easy game trophies for your guild to work on? Or else get them to choose a game and play it for a month so that next month they can achieve a score that will definitely get them a trophy.

Some easy game trophies include Grand Theft Ummagine and Ruins Rampage.

#15 Finding Things

Finding things is a fun game. You find certain things like eyes or hats on Neopian characters and cut these out in a paint program so that your guildees have to find the object or Neopian it belongs to.

#16 30k a day

Earning neopoints is a big part of the Neopets world so why not get your guildees to deposit their neopoints into the bank. Then have someone choose a game and see how much everyone in the guild can earn!

#17 Special Site Events

I saved this for last. Special events are always happening around the Neopet site such as the Altador Cup. Why not have special activities for when they come around? You could have your guildees write a commentary, make a uniform for a new Neopian team or play Yooyuball. The world is endless.

There are of course many more activities you can do in a guild. These are just some suggestions. So go and explore, make your own activities and see what works for your guild. And even if it doesn't quite work out, at least you'll know for next time!

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