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Little Things On Neopets That Make Us Happy

by jamba_jukeba


Sometimes, we have off-days on Neopets. It has happened to everyone, whether it be Boochi zapping expensive-painted pets into babies, or pets disappearing, or too many Key Quest quitters. Not to worry- there’s still hope, my fellow Neopians! There are so many little things on Neopets that can brighten our day.

After a bad day, you feel almost like nothing can make you feel better. Just go on to Neopets. I bet that at least something small will happen to make you happy. Not many big things happen on Neopets, but it is the smaller ones that count.

1. Neomail!

Personally, I love getting Neomail. Don’t we all? I love logging into my account and seeing the little envelope icon at the top of the page. We all enjoy reading and replying to them, because it adds a little variety to our otherwise boring, monotonous time of day when we have to go and do our dailies, and we don’t win anything. It could be fanmail, general chat, or debates; Neomails make us happy.

2. Random Events!

Our hearts beat faster when we see the big ‘Something Has Happened’ while we’re browsing on the site. Jacko can give you a Paint Brush, Dr. Sloth could hand you a Transmogrification Potion, you could find Neopoints on the floor, or you could find random items! I love getting the rarer random events. It takes me seconds to take the item, put it in the Trading Post, and laugh all the way to the Bank. It makes my day.

3. Scratchcard Wins!

Picture this: The Ice Caves back in Y10. You just got a Scratchcard from the Snowager. This is your 48th Scratchcard you’ve used, and you have yet to win. You take out a single Neopoint coin and slowly scratch off each circle. You’re shocked! You’ve won a prize! You are so ecstatic, you give the Wocky shopkeeper a hug! What a big win- 20,000 Neopoints! I love striking it rich at the Scratchcard Kiosk. It makes my day better, and I win a snazzy avatar.

4. Tarla!

We all get excited when either our Neopets Toolbar flashes, or we are lurking a board and we see the all caps message, “TARLA!”. Yahoo! Free rare items! I was online just the other day, and Tarla was giving out Secret Laboratory Map pieces. It was really exciting to catch Tarla handing out such expensive items. It makes us feel lucky that we came at the right time, plus we get sell it for profit (or for those saving for the Map, a free piece to use).

5. Stock Market Shares Going Up!

Yes, even if your 1,000 shares at 15 NP a piece go up by 1 point, you have just made a profit of 1,000 Neopoints! My shares usually don’t do so well- either they are stationary or they go down. If I manage to see them going up, I sell automatically. Some of you out there might have better luck than me. Can you imagine your shares going up by more than 1 point? How happy would you be?

6. Receiving Items!

Do your Neofriends give you items? I love giving them more than receiving. Anyway, I usually come online to Neopets after a tiring day day at school. Once, it was my birthday, and my cousin remembered. She sent me a Neomail wishing me happy birthday, and gave me an Electric Paint Brush. It was really kind of her and after the bad day I had, it put a smile on my face.

7. Someone Bought Something From Your Shop!

Okay, this one may not be such a big thing to those who love to resell and restock. For those who occasionally check their Sales History like me, it means a lot. Someone actually bought something from your shop, and at such an expensive price too! Wow!

8. Getting A New Avatar, Gained By A Random Event!

This one is a no-brainer. Of course avatars gained by Random Events make us happy! Take the Bon-Appetit avatar from Kelp for example. How many times have you eaten at Kelp? Many times. How many times have you eaten at Kelp and you take home leftovers? Not so many times. On one of those rare occasions when your beloved pet takes home leftovers, you finally get that avatar! Yippee!

9. Getting A New Item For Your Gallery!

I collect ice cream in my gallery. Some are expensive, and some are cheap. No matter what the price, I am overjoyed to come across a new ice cream item because it will be a new addition to my gallery! If I ever am shopping for a Faerie Quest, or just browsing shops and I find some ice cream, I buy it! I don’t purposely look for them because I want to surprise myself. Then, I make my way to my inventory and I slouch on my couch to breathe a sigh of relief, for I am one item closer to completing my collection.

10. Finding The Perfect Look For Your Pet!

Do you ever find yourself using your Customization application, stumped on how to dress your pet? It happens! But one item looking good on your pet can lead to a few more items to go with it! Soon, you find yourself looking around on petpages about wearables, searching for perfect pieces to buy and add on! After several minutes, you have the perfect look! Your pet has never looked better. What more could you want?

11. Winning An Auction!

I remember one time, I found a Cool Negg on an auction. I really wanted it, so I tried to bid on it. A few minutes later, someone bid a lot more than the asking price. I was stubborn, so I bid just as much. We found ourselves in a battle for that one item. It was about three minutes before the auction ended, and I think that user finally gave up. I ended up winning the item, and I got it at a pretty low price as well. I was very excited, because that was the very first auction I won.

So, there you have it. I hope that if you have an off-day on Neopets in the future, you will realize that a lot of the things that happen to you on the site like the ones above can make your day much better.

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