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Dream Pet Giveaway is a Success!

by pragmatic1


The Neopets Holiday Dream Pet Giveaway was a fairly recent event that allowed thousands of Neopians to have a chance to obtain their dream pet when they awoke on the morning of the Day of Giving. However, only 10 of those who entered would be chosen to win. The selection process was completely random, so everyone had an equal chance of being one of those 10 lucky Neopians to get the pet of their dreams. When the day finally came, no one really knew who those lucky 10 were (unless you were one of them yourself) until the news came out later that day. All ten winners and their newly transformed pets were displayed proudly on the news page for all to see and admire. But this reporter knows that there is always more news to find! Having been provided with the names of the winners, I set out to ask them what it was like to win such an amazing prize. Many of them were understandably busy, but there were two that took the time to comment on their feelings about winning the pet of their dreams.

“I was extremely surprised. With the thousands that entered, I didn't even think there would be a slight chance of me winning. I feel honored to have won my Chocolate Draik, and will cherish Neopets for this opportunity for a while.” - gasol61

“So, on Christmas day, I usually never get around to logging in on Christmas until later in the day, so when I did log on, my inbox was being stuffed. I just thought "Oh, well, that's nice, people wishing everyone a merry Christmas!" And then I read them, Congratulations? Congratulations on what? Spanky was just a Christmas Kiko, I was clueless. I blew it of, and casually went to do my dailies. Then I went to the NF. I'd realized what I was being congratulated on. It was unreal, it felt as though I was dreaming, I didn't know what to do, my mind was blown. I started talking to my neofriends about it, everyone was really jealous. I'd felt like a star, I was on top the world, it was awesome. I'd gotten what I've always wanted for Christmas.” ~ted_543

Well, there you have it, folks. But what about those did not win? Logically, this group of people would be far more numerous than those lucky 10 who did, so I set out to find out what they had to say on the matter as well. I asked if anyone if they wished they had won instead, or if they felt that they should have won.

“Not really, Toepay is my dream pet and he gets zapped daily so a permie colour would be pointless. Also, I can afford pretty much any colour and species combination I want unless it's lab only. Even in that case I have several UC pets I could trade for the MSP Poogle I asked for. But what's the fun in a lab only colour if you don't zap it yourself? I sincerely hope all the people who got their dream pets couldn't afford them otherwise.” -shalzbut

“I feel it the whole thing was perfectly fair -- except, well, unless one of the owners traded their pets. The whole deal was to GET a dream pet -- I think it's a little unfair to the people who truly wanted a dream pet against someone who just wanted to trade their pet.” -kauvera

These two Neopians make valid points. Not only that, but they seem to reflect the general views of the other people I asked about this subject as well. So did any of the winners trade one of the pets they won from the contest? We may never know. But what if they did? Is it really an unfair way to use the contest? Perhaps. But there is another way to look at this. As amazing as the number of choices were, there were still some “dream pets” that were not possible options for transformation in the contest. Unconverted pets, for example, were not available as an option. If someone’s dream pet was specifically an unconverted grey JubJub, perhaps they could have used the pet they won from the contest in order to trade for that JubJub. If this was the case, would that not be simply a less direct way of winning their dream pet?

Regardless, whether or not it is “fair” in the eyes of Neopians is ultimately inconsequential to the situation as a whole. Those who had their pets transformed were free to do whatever they wished after the fact.

Of course, there was one other type of answer I received from several Neopians that I questioned on this subject. They were all quite similar, so I have chosen one to give you an idea of what they were like.

“I didn't enter. I have my dreamies. So it's all good.” -moogledancer

Statements like these helped dispel my own personal worries that some people would just enter for the sake of entering, despite already having obtained their own personal dream pets. This worry was not mine alone either. A few others whom I questioned about this expressed their own worry about such entries decreasing the probability of winning for others who truly still had yet to obtain the pet of their dreams. Happily, this clearly was often not the case.

Overall, I would say that the Dream Pet Giveaway was a huge success, not only for those lucky few who won, but also for the Neopian community as a whole. It is times like these that demonstrate just how much the Neopian community can set aside their differences and celebrate the good fortune of even as few as ten people. I personally hope that TNT chooses to hold a similar giveaway once again some time in the future. If that day does come once again, I have confidence that it will once again help spread the holiday spirit all across Neopia once more!

All quotes in this article were used with the expressed permission of the respective users.

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