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Letters from Faerie to Faerie

by kat_sings


A small and scared Kougra ran up the path. In its paws it held something to be trusted with its own life. The Kougra knocked on the door.

     “Yes?” The charming earth faerie smiled.

     “A letter,” said the Kougra, handing over the purple and green envelope. The faerie took the envelope carefully.

     “Thank you,” she murmured, shutting the door softly. She opened the envelope, almost as if she thought it may be a trick. Nothing was inside but a letter. She read it carefully.

     Dear Illusen,

     You of all people know I am not very good at writing these things, especially when it’s to someone I vowed never to talk to again. People keep asking me why we no longer talk and if we’ve been enemies since we were born. I tell them to leave or ask for an un-buyable item. Do people ask you this? If so, what do you say? I remember when we were young, how we were best friends. How we used to talk for hours, until our mothers made us come home. I miss it, almost, and if you ever tell anyone that I will deny it. Do you miss those simpler days?

      Most Evilly,

     Your friend

     A young and brave Lupe ran to the door. Out of breath, and rather scared, he knocked on the door, its hands shaking.

     “What do you want?” a faerie demanded, staring evilly with dark purple eyes.

     “A letter.” The Lupe trembled, holding up the green envelope that smelled faintly of pine.

     “Go away!” the faerie yelled after snatching the letter. She slammed the door in the Lupe's face. The faerie overturned the letter in her claw like hands. Finally she opened it.

     To Jhudora,

      I was surprised to receive a letter from you. It’s okay, for I am not very good at writing to enemies either. Yes, of course, people and pets alike ask me what has happened and I tell them that it is not important. I, too, long for the simpler days, and of course, I miss being best friends. Do you wish that it never happened? It would be easier to be enemies if we did not share a past. I would never tell anyone you said that, by the way. If you never tell anyone that I missed my best friend too, that is. I have trouble recalling what this was all over. Do you remember?

     May your garden blossom,

     Your old friend

     The Kougra rushed through the woods, again. Not as scared this time. A paw reached out and knocked on the door of the garden home.

     “Have you come to do a quest?” the faerie said, opening the door. The Kougra held up the letter.

     “Thanks,” the faerie said, looking at the purple and green envelope. She hesitantly opened it.


     My garden cannot blossom; it has died and withered away. I’m not an earth faerie. You were what helped my garden survive. I was surprised you sent a response. I know it sounds... dastardly for me to say this, but, I am kind of glad that you miss those days too. No, I do not wish that we never shared a past; I just wish that we never became enemies. It has been too long since I have had a chat with a friend. I remember what started this all, though I wish I could forget. It was at Fyora’s birthday party. Do you remember now? I swear on my wings that I did not do it. I know it wasn’t you, or, at least I have come to that conclusion.

     A dark Faerie,

     Your ex-friend (Unfortunately)

     The Lupe ran through the purple mist and knocked loudly on the door. The faerie threw the door open and glared evilly.

     “Is it a quest you seek?” She sneered. The Lupe swallowed and held up the envelope which looked like it was made from leaves. The faerie grabbed the pine scented letter and growled before slamming the door.

     Dear Jhudora,

     If it is a chat you seek, why not come to Meridell? You could always say that you are plotting with Lord Darigan. You did remember to water the flowers, right? I miss the days when we would garden. I do remember now. I swear on my own wings that I did not do it, and I believe you. But, I ask one question. Who did do it? I remember that day clearly. The Tooth Faerie, The soup Faerie, and Taelia were with her. Nuria and Psellia weren’t there. Who else was there?

     A confused Faerie,

     You ex-best friend (For now anyway)

     The Kougra ran through the darkness. Its orders were very clear. Deliver this letter as quickly as possible, or else. Reaching a shaky paw out, the Kougra knocked on the door.

     “It is very late, what is it?” the faerie asked.

     “I’m sorry, I was told to give this too you,” she said in a quivering voice, handing over the purple and green envelope.

     “Thank you,” the faerie said, now more alert. She shut the door and ripped the envelope, which had the word “Urgent” written in all caps on it, open.


     I’m sorry but I do not think that I will be able to visit anytime soon. Baelia and the Space Faerie were also there, but not with her. I do know who would want to prank Fyora, though. Hot Blunella punch, all over the floor and Fyora. Horrible, but awesome. Baelia, however, was sulking in a corner. I doubt she would have done it. Which leaves the Space Faerie. Do you think she may have done it? The only reason she was not blamed is because she could fly faster. We were just coming into the room; that doesn’t mean we did it. I hate cleaning. I cannot believe she made us clean it up!

     Hope this gave you some clarity,


     The Lupe rushed through the night; the Faerie had said that this was extremely important. He knocked on the door.

     “DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT TIME IT IS?!” the Faerie screamed. The Lupe winced.

     “Letter,” he said, handing it to her.

     “Be gone before I make you disappear,” the faerie said, shutting the door and ripping the envelope open.


     You are correct! The Space Faerie was rather upset that Fyora did not want to go for a fly in space. And Spacey happened to be near the kitchen right before Fyora went to her room. It is possible that she wanted to prank Fyora, and she was always pranking everyone else. I have to go to Faerieland tomorrow, and I will bring this up to Fyora. Luckily for me, she does not hold grudges.

     Finally, this is almost solved,


     The Kougra rushed to Meridell, just to find that the faerie she was sent to deliver a letter to was in Faerieland. She waited until night fall and the Faerie returned.

     “Thank you,” she said, taking the letter.


     I am sorry about this, but I think for the sake of Neopia, we stay enemies. At least, to the rest of Neopia. We can still write. Agreed?


     The Lupe ran to the door and knocked. When the faerie opened the door.

     “Give me that,” she said, grabbing the letter. She slammed the door and tore open the envelope.




     Putting the letter on her table, Jhudora smiled to herself.

The End

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