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Vacation Time

by x_love_song_x


Most people always want to travel Mystery Island or Faerieland or even Maraqua on vacation. So when it comes to that fun-filled day, Kiko Lake doesn’t have many visitors. It’s just a small chunk of land by Neopia Central. (Sometimes it’s just that most people don’t know where it is, so how can you visit it then?) But I’m here to try and change your mind.

First off, Kiko Lake is very colorful. The homes there are painted with rich coats of colors. They include blue windows and pretend band-aids. Roofs have an almost purple-brown tint while the yards grow lime-green grass and pink flowers. A leafy forest fills the background while tan-colored sand decorates the bank. And the water is a clear cyan with plants and even more homes underneath the waves. Everything looks like it popped off your pet's coloring book.

And after you’re done looking around at the beauties of this Lake, you’ll probably get hungry. But not to fear; Kiko Lake has a wide variety of snacks and foods just for you! A shop overlooking the water sells delicious surprises. Candy sticks and flavored rock slices stand out in the window. You decide to walk in. After glancing around, you agree you’ve made the right choice. Gummy candy in the shape of Kikos occupies one area on a shelf. Lollipops, apple or caramel or grape, take up another shelf, and popcorn balls have another. (Some popcorn balls are covered in cheese, others in chocolate.) And then once you think you’ve seen it all, you spot even more chocolate. White, dark, or milk chocolate Kikos? Pick any one you want. All of this is guarded by a cheerful purple Kiko. You pick out what you want and bring it over to the Kiko. He rings it up for you with a smile and (after paying him, of course) you’re on your way.

Doesn’t that sound especially pleasing? And the fun doesn’t end there. You put away your tasty treats and decide you want to learn more about this strange place. Ding! Ding! What was that? After whirling around, you spot something you haven’t seen before. It looks like a boat. It is parked by the edge of the water while a blue Kiko stands by a sign ringing a bell. The sign reads: Glass bottom boat tours. What is a glass bottom boat? You’re not too sure, but a tour sounds fun. You pay the Kiko and climb in. Other pets of all shapes and colors head onto the boat as well. Soon the blue Kiko walks into the boat and positions himself behind a wheel. He turns around.

“Well, hey-o, everybody! I’m the driver or this boat. You all can call me Mr. Waterfall.” He smiles and passes out brochures. “These here,” he says pointing to the papers, “are for you. You can read them and keep ’em. They have some basic information about this beautiful lake we all like to call Kiko Lake.” He opens the brochure he’s holding up. “They have info. About food, Kikos, weather, all that good stuff you visitors might find interesting.” He shuts it. “Well, I’m going to get this boat here started. Before we head off, I’d like to point out the glass on the bottom.” He points to the floor of the boat. “It is made of glass so you can see what’s underneath.” He sits down behind the wheel and starts the boat.

Whoa! You never noticed the glass on the floor when you walked in. You crane your neck forward to see. As the boat glides along you can see coral and seaweed sprinkling the bottom of the lake. Kikos swim by in their underwater neighborhoods. It’s amazing! You reach into your bag and pull out your camera. Snap, click! This is just too beautiful not to catch on film. Others around you pull out their cameras too. Everyone is ooing and ahhing. You wonder just how everything was made.

But all too soon Mr. Waterfall calls out, “Alrighty, folks. We are approaching the shores here. I hope you saw some pretty neat things here out on the lake.” The boat jerks to a stop. “You all come back soon. Have a good day!” You put your camera away, tip Mr. Waterfall, and walk onto dry land. (Your legs might feel a bit wobbly after being on the boat.)

Well, that was amusing and very worthwhile. You’ll want to remember this day forever (or at least a while). But what could you take as a souvenir? A large building has a sign pasted to the top of it: Kiko Lake Carpentry. Hmmm. What could that mean? You head inside. Tables of all sizes and designs fill the floor. Rugs seem to glow on the floors. Chairs and couches are crammed by the walls while pillows rest in their comfort. Mirrors and curtains and pictures decorate the walls and lamps create a homey effect while they stand on nightstands. How much furniture is in this shop?

A yellow Kiko walks by you. “Hello,” she says. “And welcome to the Kiko Lake Carpentry! Can I help you find anything?” she asks. You tell her you want a souvenir, nothing big or too fancy. “Ahhh,” she says. “I have some things you might like.” She hurries away, only to return with items in her hands. “What about this?” She holds up a rug. “It’s made from red coral and is a great addition to any room.” No, too big. She points to a Kiko desk. “It can hold anything you want and it’s made from fine wood.” Nope, there would be nowhere to put it in your neohome. She holds up a pillow. It’s blue with purple strokes and a seaweed around it. Hmmm... that could work, you think to yourself. You feel the pillow. It’s very soft and fuzzy. “I think I’ll take it!” The yellow Kiko smiles. You pay for it. But as you're leaving you spot a mirror. It has shells pasted onto the brim. Shells of magenta, cream, crimson. Almost every color is on that one mirror! Well, you do know the saying; the more the merrier. It can’t hurt to buy more things!

You pay for it and leave, tipping the kind Kiko lady, and walk outside. It’s been an awesome day. Foods, rides, and fun. What could make this day any better? Satisfied, you leave the Lake and head home. As the sun sets, you look back at the water. Yep, today was a great day.

So what are you waiting for? Go visit Kiko Lake today.

This is my first time into the NT! ^_^ Special thanks to DeathxWisher for her support!

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