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The Beginner's Guide to Spooking

by ghostwolf18


Boo! Alright, I know that wasn’t scary. Luckily, this guide will teach you how to be scarier than I could ever be. Hello again! It's Ghost, back for another great guide from the norm. In this article, we will be going over the basics of spooking, where the best places to spook are, and what paint brushes you might need for spooking. So, let's get started!

What is Spooking?

There really is no real definition of spooking. It’s a cross between haunting and scaring. More or less, it’s the ability to “haunt” someone or something without having to be a ghost. It gives the merry painted Neopets a chance to have some fun or get some revenge on those bullies.

How does Spooking work?

Before one goes spooking, one must know that there are three different types of reactions. The “EEK,” the “YIKES,” and the standard “AAAH,” or scream. There are positions and techniques for all of them. Each one has a higher scaring power. Lets start out simple.

The “EEK” approach:

This is for those who want to have a little fun, but don’t want to go all out or overboard. It can be as simple as jumping out at someone, or just placing your toy spider ring atop your mother’s pillow. Each approach is sure to please the user.

The “YIKES” approach:

This is for those who want to have a little more fun than the average user. This can be accomplished without a costume, but it may require you to make a loud, savage noise when you jump out at someone. Also, to get a fuller reaction out of your victim, you may have to place a real Spyder Petpet atop your mother’s pillow and leave that toy ring inside your toy box.

Are you still not getting the satisfaction that you crave? Try the next step.

The “AAAH” approach:

Also known as the standard scream, this one will require you to go all out. Try shopping for a creepy costume. Next, find a dark corridor, hallway, or behind a door where you know you cannot be seen. Seek out your victim and wait for the right time before jumping out at them. Another great way is to make horrid moaning sounds. This could really frighten the victims.

Another great trick is called “The Invisible Ghost.” Note: it requires the use of an Invisible Paint Brush. This is a classic, all-out scare. Take an ordinary white table cloth or sheet and your Invisible Paint Brush. Paint yourself invisible and then place the sheet over your invisible self. It will make the illusion that you are “floating.” Then, make the moaning sounds and sneak up on the victim. When they snicker and lift up the sheet and realize that there is no one there, they will scream all the way home. This is a sure trick to get the attention of the victim!

Where Are the Best Places to Go Spooking?

All over Neopia is the answer to that question. Still, some places rank better than others. Below is the list and a little description of the top 5. I have also ranked them 1 to 10 depending on their scare compatibility. Note that 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest.

Neopia Central

This is where to take the little ones when you go Trick-Or-Treating. I wouldn’t suggest this place because some parents may not be very pleased with you. This is the place to try the “EEK” approach at most.

Rank: 7

Terror Mountain

Don’t let the name fool you. It is home to the Snowager, and so the people of Terror Mountain have pretty much seen it all. Also, you may be too cold to even utter the word “Boo.” I only suggest this place if you are going to be dressed up as the Snowbeast.

Rank: 6

The Lost Desert

After the Lost Desert Plot and the wrath of Razul, I think the Lost Desertians have seen it all. I don’t think you will be able to scare many here, but it is worth a try. Just don’t go trying to scare the Nightsteed.

Rank: 6

Darigan Citadel

This place gives me the creeps even when I'm just looking at it. One of the best places to sneak up on someone. Still, watch out for the minions, as they can be very cranky and mean. Not to mention evil. Spook here with caution.

Rank 8

The Haunted Woods

The best place to go and spook! This is where the sport of spooking was invented. Its shadows hide the many that go there to scare. The carnival is an even better place to scare, because the woods are just dangerous. Be careful when going here, but don’t be afraid to let loose and have some fun as well.


Spooking Paint Brushes

Ghost Paint Brush

Simply the best spooking tool. You are sure to make the rest of your fellow Neopians feel a shiver down their spines. It will definitely qualify for the “AAAH” level of scaring.

Halloween Paint Brush

The second best paint brush for the job. It gives that “this is the real thing” effect to the victim. Especially when they reach to pull off your mask and realize that it's warm skin. This also will approve for the “AAAH” level of spooking.

Zombie Paint Brush

Another great tool for scaring. I would award this one higher than the Halloween Paint Brush, only because not only do you look dead, but you feel dead. It all adds to the scaring effect. This one is guaranteed to reach the “AAAH” level in no time!

The Editorial

Q: Is it too inappropriate to use the scaring methods on a baby Neopet?

A: Well, I wouldn’t, but if you really want to, be prepared for the annoying hours of crying.

Q: What is your favorite paint brush?

A: Personally, I like all of the above listed paint brushes.

Q: This is the biggest waste of time I’ve ever spent.

A: But... but... *cries*

Q: Cookie?

A: *stops crying and takes cookie*

Q: Are you a real ghost?

A: It depends...

Q: Do you like sneakers?

A: What? When did we start talking about shoes?

Q: Chocolate cheese or melted cheese?

A: We really need to end this.

The End

Thanks for reading and I hope you learned a thing or two about the newest trend... spooking! Farewell until we meet again. And don’t forget to read my other two articles on the Nightsteed.

I really do hope this wasn’t a total waste of everyone’s time and I hope it made you all smile.

Until next time... BOO!

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