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Neopets Fashion on the Fast Lane: Customization

by ridiculer


The biggest and newest fad of Neopets— customization! Ah, there are so many colours to pick from, so many outfits to chose, and so many accessories you can’t even count any more! Have no fear; the guide for all fashion maniacs and fad-followers is here to help!

So first of all, what’s so great about this customization stuff anyways?! It’s new, and since when do we like change?! Well to start off, remember all of those times Neopia craved putting their pretty clothes and cute colors on their pets? It’s here and better than ever! You can now customize your pet with a look so amazing it has more pieces to it than you can count on your fingers (or claws, wings, paws, etc). Don’t be fooled, no one’s here to tell you what to wear and what not to wear; that’s up to you and your neopet, but what is here are some tips and guides to get you organized and help you pick your own style. Remember- it’s all about individuality and uniqueness. So as long as you can pull off a look all your own, you can be a walking, talking, fashion expert!

The Tips to the Ultimate Sense of Neopets Fashion

Tip #1: Your Own Skin is in!

Pick things that represent you and your neopet. There’s no reason to paint your pet grey if you feel your pet is cheery and a dreamer! Try finding your own unique style, and if you have to mix and match pieces of other styles, it doesn’t matter as long as it suits you!

Tip #2: If You’re Just Starting Out- Try Picking a Theme!

It may sound boring to pick one thing to stick to, but if you try using themes that are a little broader and have a lot of detail and thinking put into them, you could have a lot of fun! Picking a theme makes it easier to organize yourself, and helps lead you on buying things for your outfit. A great way to help you start on picking themes would be a paint brush set (painting your pet a certain colours) or using the NC Mall.

If you paint your pet a certain colour, often it comes with little parts such as a hat, clothes, and of course coloured skin to help you coordinate what kinds of things you might want to incorporate. For example, if your pet is painted disco and it has a wig and bright glasses, you might want to pick a bright background and a flashy guitar. You can also paint your pet more than one color if you think one comes with accessories that match the others’ skin tone. Let’s say, you especially like those earrings that come with the pirate colour, but you adore the dress that comes with the royal color. You could paint your pet pirate and then royal over it. The great part is that you get to keep your previous accessories, so if you paint over it, you can use your new paint brush accessories AND your old ones. It’s a great feature to manipulate and master! (Be careful of the special body type colors that don’t let you wear regular clothes— these are generally Maraquan, Baby, and Mutant. However these DO have unique poses, so there’s an advantage there too).

The NC Mall is a fabulous option that should be utilized by any Neopian that can! What’s great is that if you can’t find what you need in regular clothes, you always have the option to look at the NC Mall to find a few extras that might complete your outfit. Not only that, but the ‘Superpacks’ section already has an entire package matching that you can buy for your pet! It’s wonderful if you don’t particularly love spending hours looking for matching parts of an outfit AND if you need something extra if you do love spending hours mixing and matching for a perfect outfit. Either way, it’s a great tool to have even if you don’t use Superpacks all of the pieces of an outfit are organized into categories so they’re easy to locate! (Note: the NC Mall requires REAL life money to purchase items and items bought expire six months after purchase; however, they’re always a plus— especially since a lot of the items are animated!)

Tip #3: Don’t Be Afraid to Use Colors!

It’s much easier to stick to a single color, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you’re ever afraid to put on a bright blue pajama outfit on your silver painted eyrie— don’t be! Use your imagination; pull intricate designs and different colors to make it all work. The more beautiful the colours, the more pleasing it is to the eye. Work it!

Tip #4: It’s NOT About the Neopoints!

Sure, having expensive items is cool, but expensive clothing isn’t needed to make your pet look fabulous. You can find adorable and fabulous looks for reasonable prices. The best part of customization is that you get to choose if you want to paint your pets or not, and your pets can look awesome whether or not you spend millions on them. There are so many options, from cheaper but still cute looks to expensive looks, and even looks you can purchase with real life money (NC Mall). There are quite a few choices on how much/what you spend to purchase, and it’s affordable to pretty much anyone.

Tip #5: How to Use Popular Items

Every once in a while, pretty much every Neopet is caught wearing the same accessory as every other Neopet. Although this eliminates uniqueness (which is important), you can work it in as part of your wardrobe to still be special and cute if you really love the new popular item! Items such as Wax Lips can be put into closets and used to enhance a ton of different types of outfits! Use popular items to your advantage, but don’t only use the popular items.

Extra Examples on Themes

Themes are always a bit on the tough side when it comes to fashion. Just to make it a little easier, here are few pre-prepared themes you can experiment and tweak if you’re just starting out! Make sure your themes aren’t prone to very few items or colours so you can incorporate different wardrobe items and mix and match your favorites.

#1: Evil and dark theme! You can use dark purples, blues, and blacks. Paint brushes such as Darigan, Mutant, Zombie, Halloween, Tyrannian, Ghost, MSP, and Shadow are practical. Darkly suited wardrobe items such as Darigan-themed clothing and Halloween-like accessories could work. From the NC mall, background like ‘Haunted Graveyard’, accessories like the Gothic Tiara, and trinkets like Floating Dark Faerie Sisters Doll or a Bubbling Cauldron could work well! :)

#2: Flying! You could use colors like Faerie and Cloud, and pets with wings like the Eyrie or Uni. Pretty coloured faerie wings could work well, or a special coloured faerie wing from the NC that incorporates flying, like the Cumulus Wings could help. A floating faerie from the NC mall could also help your theme, and a Cloud Sky background is a great plus.

#3: The hilarious ticket! Squeeze in funny pieces to make an amusing outfit for your pet. Perhaps a furry pet like a Yurble or Gnorbu could be fun to play with. Use fun and cute colours like Disco Fever, Strawberry Fields Forever, Fire, Fire, Your Pants on Fire, Mystery Island, Sponge, Jelly, Alien, Robot, or Usuki. You might want to use some sort of eyewear piece like spiffy glasses or goggles, and random accessories like a Powdered Wig or a Head Bonk from the NC mall. The Roo Island Merry Go Round Background or a randomly fiery background could work well too. Try out new things!

#4 Brrr, it’s cold in here! That’s right, an icy theme! Christmas, Ice, or Snow colours could be fun to use. You might want to use a coat or a warm hat to express how cold your Neopet might feel. You could use an Ice Caves Background, or go a little above the bar with an NC Mall Snowager Background. Perhaps you might want to use Wings of Ice too!

#5: Edible! Any of the fruit Chia colors could work well, along with Chocolate, Strawberry Fields Forever, Jelly, Garlic, Coconut, Orange, or Mallow. A Slushie Slinger Drinking Cap or Pumpkin Hat could lay over well, and a background like Cheese could help. An Inconspicuous Gumball Machine or a Woven Picnic Hamper from the NC Mall could be a great plus!

Just remember the best rule of all— have fun! As long as you love your fashion, it’s great! Hopefully this has helped, and you’ll have tons of fun mixing and matching your Neopets’ wardrobes along with making them look fabulous.

A special thanks to all the artists and other team members that made customization possible! Thanks TNT! :)

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