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Totally Tubular!

by neowizard1287


A beautiful day on Kiko Lake and everybody is either enjoying a nice sun tanning nap, a refreshing swim, an awe-inspiring Glass Bottom Boat Tour, or Ultra-fast super Inner Tube Racing! (If you aren't doing one of the above, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!? =P) Anyway, you play as the courageous Kiko Kavi who is ready to go Inner Tubing Down Kiko Lake. You must race through the calming waters of Kiko Lake, all the way down through some icky swamp water, all while avoiding whirlpools, rocks and the occasional arrow coming from some mischievous Kikos on the beach.


You must play through 3 levels of tubular racing action, the waters picking up in speed each level. There will all kinds of obstacles ready to slow you down, shoot you down and even give you a speed boost. Try and make it to the finish line while going through checkpoints to get a nice 30 points. You have 3 lives to race Kavi down to the finish line in one piece.


The controls get rather confusing at first. Instead of going just up, down, left, right, (hahaha meerca chase 1 lolz), I don't know a good way to explain them. It took me a little while to understand, but once you understand them it should be smooth sailing... yeah... aside from the arrows flying at you and the whirlpools, but you get used to it. Oh yeah and use space to shoot.


There will be different sizes of black rocks that tend to get in your way along with the occasional busted inner tube. These rocks/inner tubes are something you want to really avoid. If you get stuck on these you go, speed wise, very close to just stopping. This makes you one big target for all the Kikos with arrows out there.


Now onto the Kikos. There are 4 different colors of Kikos. Now as you go through levels you'll notice (maybe) that the colors of Kikos are changing and so are their speeds. Now different Kikos are of different I guess you could say CPU difficulty, but they are all worth 10 points if you shoot them successfully.

Light Blue - Really slow paced shooter, really slow arrows too.

Orange - A bit faster than blue, but you won't notice a difference.

Purple - Fires really fast arrows, you should really make it your priority to either avoid or shoot these guys.

Red - Same with purple, but you won't really notice a difference between them.

On another note with the Purple Kikos. You really only want to take extra care to avoid them at the end of level 2 where the waters are still fairly slow and they'll have a good chance to shoot at you. When you get to level 3 you see nothing but red and purple so you really can't shoot or avoid them all.


Pick-up Bonus

Now you have 4 different bonuses to go after in the game. You have an acorn-type thingy, a red potion, a green leafish item and a stick to go after. Now when you first go after them they may seem to be worthless, only 1 point. But, they accumulate as you go. So after you get 1 point for one, the next item you get 2 points. This goes up to 10 points.

NOTE: If you lose a life the bonus points you get from these pick ups gets reset back to 1.

Checkpoint Bonus

There are checkpoints along the way to the finish line that increase your score. These are crucial to scoring high but you don't need to go through them to complete the game. Each checkpoint is worth 30 points each. That’s the same as shooting 3 Kikos, but remember you have to go through them. If you bump into the checkpoints they shrink, and shrink, and then taunt you since they are near impossible to get.


Umbrella Power up

Now these are probably one of the most important items in the game. They shield you from incoming arrows. When you get this power up, which is a closed umbrella, 3 umbrellas circle around you forming a shield. These umbrellas can take 2 arrows before vanishing until you get another umbrella power up.


Pretty straightforward pick up the yellow dots that look like the dots, not to be confused with the acorn thingies you can get. You get 3 bullets each pickup.

Speed Stream

Now, this can be both an obstacle and a helping hand. In some cases these speed you up too fast, causing you to miss checkpoints. But in other cases they speed you up fast enough to get you out of the way of incoming arrows and other obstacles.


Make an effort to collect the bonus items. When you start getting 10 points per bonus item you are getting as much as you would from shooting down a Kiko.

Towards the end of the game, unless it is a life or death situation, try and avoid the speed streams. These speed you up so much you often bypass lots of Checkpoints. In fact, you might even get caught in a few consecutive speed streams and lose valuable points.

In the first level try and go for everything. You have the ability to go backwards and get stuff you missed because the level goes fairly slow; use this to your advantage.

If you need an umbrella power up or even if your umbrella has been hit only once, it would be wise to make an extra effort to get them. Although you have more than one life, dying completely messes you up in more ways than one. It messes up your pace and resets your bonus points you get from the pickups back to 1.

Practice is crucial to scoring high. Practice up and good luck.

Now with this you are ready to brave the waters known as Kiko Lake. I hope you all enjoyed my guide and good luck, have fun racing (I still don't get who Kavi is racing, but whatever...) all!

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