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The Search for Petpet World: Part One

by darkfaerie700


This Friday there would be a new Boween entering the world. The mother of the new Boween had already has two Boweens. A boy and girl, and this Friday she would be having her third Boween.

* * *

It had been three years since Jobo was born. He had turned out to be smart and useful around the home. But, one day, when he was turning four, he had suddenly stopped using his intelligence. He became a normal Boween and sometimes did strange things for no reason.

      One day a person from the Petpet pound had come. Unfortunately, Jobo in the forest picking berries for his mother by himself. As he was by himself the Petpet pound catcher had caught Jobo with no problem. Jobo had cried for help but nobody could hear him. The catcher had been a Fire Faerie. She put Jobo in the back of the truck and zoomed of to Faerieland. It took 15 minutes to get there but when they had reached there the Fire Faerie put Jobo in a cage and put him in a closet. The Fire Faerie left the door open and talked to her boss.

     "So Flila, did you catch anything?" said an Earth Faerie.

     "I caught one Boween. He was very squeaky when I caught him," said Flila.

     "Well they usually are. Take him out and I'll arrange the price," said the Earth Faerie.

     "Yes ma'am!" cried Flila. Flila ran over to the closet and picked Jobos cage up. She ran back to the Earth Faerie and handed her the Boween.

     "Hmmmmmm.......," said the Earth Faerie. "Looks like it could be worth about 2000 Neopoints." Jobo was disgusted. He was worth more than 2000 Neopoints!

     "I will go label his case," said the Fire Faerie putting Jobo on a high shelf.

     "There you go," said the Fire Faerie. "2000 NP for this Boween." Then the Fire Faerie walked away. Jobo took a look around. There were Miamice, Meekins, Magarals, you name it. Beside Jobo was an old Miamouse and a baby Magaral. Jobo turned to the Magaral and asked: "How long have you been here?"

     The Magaral looked at Jobo and put up 2 fingers. That probably meant two days. Then Jobo turned to the old Miamouse and said: "How long have you been here?"

     The old Miamouse turned to face Jobo and said: "I have been here for more than you can imagine. I have been here so long that I don't even know how long I have been here. Her," He pointed to the Magaral, "on the other hand has only been here for two days. I know everyone here. That one down there is Jim, that one over there is Phil, that one is-"

     "Okay , okay I get the picture. But why are we here? Where are we?" Jobo asked.

     "Sonny boy, you don't know where we are?! We are at the Faerieland Petpet store!" the old Miamouse answered.

     "Well, this is such a great place, and you have been here for so long why are you not bought?" Jobo questioned.

     "It's because I had been forgotten in a cage in a locked closet for years until someone found me. Nobody wanted me, for I was so old," said the old Miamouse.

     "OHHHHHH!" Jobo exclaimed. "NOW I get it!" So, the day went on and the two kept talking and talking and talking. Soon the day was over and Jobo had made a new friend.

      * * *

Jobo woke with a start and the first thought that came into his mind: Today is my second day in this shop. So the shop opened and a rush of Neopians came barging in. The Margaral beside me had been bought and Phil got bought too. Well, the old Miamouse had started talking to Jobo. They talked about a secret Petpet Island where only Petpets could enter. The old Miamouse said that if you found the right gems and solve the scrolls riddle you could find the secret world. Suddenly out of no where Jobo had asked the Miamouse for his name. He said his name was Ted. Jobo liked that name. Then they went back to the subject of finding the secret world. Ted had said that the answer was on Mystery Island and you have to be smart and quick to get into the world. To get into the Petpet world you have to be worthy enough so that the Government of the Petpet world would let you in.

     Well, 2 hours had passed and then a Neopian and her Grarrl had walked into the store. They had been looking for a Petpet for her Grarrl. They were newbies so they didn't have much money. They only had 869 NP. The Neopian had talked to the Flila. Jobo overheard them. He caught a few parts and they sounded like this: Oh yes we have a Boween. Oh he is 2000 NP. You only have 869 NP? We can put him on hold for you? Okay!

     So Jobo figured that the Neopian and her Grarrl asked that Flila would put Jobo on hold. Because they only had 869 NP they would have to play games to earn up to 2000 NP. So the Neopian had left the shop delighted that she could have a Boween. Well, technically, her Grarrl would have the Boween. But as I said she walked out like all the other happy customers.

* * *

Well, the week went by and the Neopian had come back with her Grarrl. She had 2567 NP. She had just enough to buy Jobo. Well, in the week Ted had told Jobo lots more about the Petpet world. When Jobo was being taken away Jobo said good bye to Ted and also promise that he would see him again. Then Ted said back that while you are with the Neopian, plan to get to the Petpet world. So they waved good bye and then Jobo was taken away from the Faerieland Petpet Shop. Within 10 minutes, Jobo had reached the Neopians Neohome. The Neopian showed Jobo around the house and decided not to name him yet. The Grarrl on the other hand wasn't so grateful. The look on his face told Jobo he didn't want a Boween.

     "Why did we get a Boween? Why did we not get a Melton?" the Grarrl grumbled.

     "Pardon?" asked the Neopian politely.

     "Nothing," the Grarrl murmured. Since the Grarrl was upset he didn't feed or talk to Jobo much. And if he was really mad, the Grarrl would use Jobo instead of Punch Bag Bob.

     One day the Grarrl hit him so hard that in the night Jobo planned an escape. He would get out of the Neohome, run to the Toy Shop down the road grab a toy buggy, grab some food and go find Ted. So, he slowly climbed down from his bed, sneaked out of his room slid down the staircase railings and out the front door. When Jobo was out of the house he turned faced the Neohome and said under his breath, "I am free."

* * *

Jobo raced down the street and into the Toy Shop. The front door was locked so Jobo climbed through the window. He picked a red buggy and red the label.

      THE 4 WHEELER BUGGY #7865


     Jobo jumped in, grabbed a pop up tent and the buggy then rode up a ramp to fly out the window. Driving on the sidewalk Jobo drove to the side of the Food Store. Jobo climbed in and took some food and left. Now the hardest part of Jobos mission. Operation Ted. If Ted was still in Faerieland then it would be easy for Jobo to get there. Jobo rode the buggy to the edge closest to Faerieland. He pressed a button, which said AIR on it. The buggy's side had wings pop out. He took hold of the steering wheel and steered the buggy/airplane up to the sky. From above he could see Faerieland. So Jobo took wheel and steered it down to Faerieland. Then he pressed a button, which said RIDE on it and the wings and the side were pulled in. Jobo drove around on the in the path which led to the Faerieland Petpet Shop. 15 minutes later Jobo was driving and reached the Faerieland Petpet Shop. Jobo parked the buggy at the front door of the shop. He looked around and climbed through a window.

     "Psssst! Ted!" Jobo whispered. "Where are you?"

     "Boy I'm over here!" cried a voice. Jobo turned to the voice and saw Ted in a cage.

     "Take those keys and let me free!" said Ted. Jobo ran and grabbed the keys.

     "There are so many keys on this, which one do you take?" whispered Jobo.

     "Take the key which has the same number on my cage!" answered Ted. Jobo looked through the keys and found the right key. *Cling* Ted's cage door opened and Ted ran out.

     "Hurry boy! Lets go!" said Ted. Jobo led Ted out to the car. "Where did you get this buggy?" asked Ted.

     "I borrowed it from a shop, okay?" said Jobo, "It is just for a while."

     "Well, where are we going?" asked Ted.

     "We are heading for Mystery Island. We are going to find that secret world."

* * *

It was morning and Jobo and Ted had reached Mystery Island. They both woke up and instantly jumped in the buggy. But they were hungry so they ate for 2 minutes and THEN they left. They decide to go to the wise one. The wise one lived with the Island Mystic. After awhile they had reached the Island Mystics house. They went in and immediately saw the Wise One. The wise one is a Whoot. For Whoots are the smartest of the Petpets. The Whoot welcomed them and led them into a room.

     "So what brings you two Faerieland Petpets to Mystery Island?" asked the Wise One.

     "We are looking for the hidden Petpet world. We want the riddle and any other information about the world!" said Jobo excitedly.

     "Ahhhh! One moment," said the Whoot going to the back. Jobo and Ted shrugged. The Whoot came back with a scroll.

     "Here. This is the scroll. Stay here and figure it out. I might have something you want," said the Whoot winking. Jobo opened the scroll. It said"





     "Hmmmmm...." thought Jobo. "Between K and T...." The Whoot appeared.

     "Take a look on the right of this map of Neopia," Jobo and Ted looked. KRAWK ISLAND it said underneath the Island.

     "K stands for Krawk!" exclaimed Jobo. "Which means T is Terror Mountain! So between these two places-" said Jobo marking between the two spots. "Is the world."

      Then the Whoot took out an amethyst.

     "What is this?" asked the Whoot.

     "An amethyst," replied Ted.

     "Okay what does this amethyst start with?" asked the Whoot.

     "A," said Jobo. Jobo looked at the scroll. "A for amethyst!" he cried. The Whoot nodded. "So D for diamond, S for sapphire, E for emerald, and R for ruby!" exclaimed Jobo. "Okay! We are heading off to find those gems!"

To be continued...

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