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The Search for the Light Faerie: Part Three

by Iapetus

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Alendrea, and How She Helped
As they zoomed away from the Cave of the Unknown, they saw a small clearing ahead. They walked through the small bit of brush shaped like a welcome mat. There was another clearing just a few feet away shaped like a hallway in a building. They walked through and stopped just before they fell two feet down into a small pond, which held captive by meditation in the middle, sat a young Nimmo; she looked to be about 17 days old. She wore a royal purple shawl that was lazily thrown over her shoulders with a hood that cascaded over her head and held it on. It was edged with gold coloured tassel, which on the ends were golden coins her mother had obviously tied on. The coins shined brightly and seemed to make small bright suns around the Nimmo She was the colour of the sea when a storm is on the horizon and waiting to be boiled so that it can cause chaos and havoc for sailors. She was beautiful.

She soon turned and looked at Paprika and Miimii as though she’d never seen another living soul in her life.

“What are your names?” she asked.

“I’m Paprika and this is Miimii” Paprika replied.

“Well do come and sit down with me on a lily pad,” she said.

Miimii took the first leap over to the closets lily pad to her and Paprika. Once she landed uneasily worrying about the lily pad sinking she turned and beckoned for Paprika to follow. Once they reached the Nimmo she said, “I'm Alendrea, but you all can call me Drea,” she said. Then she spun around and said, “So you’re looking for the Uber Light Faerie aren’t you?”

“Y-y-yes we are,” Paprika said awestruck that Alendrea knew why they were there.

“My mother, Mapliia Nimma, was a fortune teller. She wasn’t a fake either. She really saw what people were going to do, and was going to happen to them. I inherited some of the future seeing but, mostly I can read minds,” Alendrea said in a quiet, yet loud voice. Alendrea motioned for Paprika and Miimii to follow her, so they did jumping nervously from lily pad to lily pad. Finally Alendrea pointed to a bright mountain. “You must retrieve the golden staff from the mountain top to pass through the gates of the Bright Kingdom.”

“What’s the Bright Kingdom?” Paprika asked curiously.

“It’s where the houses are made of gold and everyone is totally polite and kind and all the citizens are common Light Faeries, and there is one large castle made of airishom, the brightest, strongest, most honorable gold in all of Neopia and all the skies. That’s where the Uber Light Faerie lives.”

“WOW! It sounds so beautiful,” Paprika and Miimii said together. Then Alendrea waved them toward the mountain and they ran as fast as their little feet would go. For four days they climbed and climbed and climbed until they reached the top of the mountain, they grabbed the staff and then slid down the long, curving, scary side of the mountain and walked on.

They soon found a staircase made of clouds. They ran up and up and up and finally reached the top and saw a magnificent sight. They saw the Silver gate, and the sun shining on tons of buildings made of gold, and lovely, shining, innocent looking Light Faeries fluttering around in the air like the merry little sprites they are, and the largest, brightest, loveliest, most heavenly-looking castle they’d ever seen.

It had large towers toped with triangular points, a large front gate that was closed, a beautiful, large, spiked-on-the-side balcony. They showed the staff to the gatekeeper and were taken into the Bright Kingdom.

“TAXI!” shouted the gatekeeper. A large golden first class limo pulled up. They got inside and the gatekeeper spoke with the driver for a minute and then they were off.

Then about half an hour after pulling into the driveway they were escorted into and through the Uber Light Faerie’s castle. Every single hall was lined with doorways that lead to guest rooms, entertaining rooms, the queen’s room, a kitchen, a dining room, the main hall, or servant rooms.

And finally they arrived at the throne room where the Uber Light Faerie sat on a throne with an elegant curling, jeweled crown on her head.

“You two have braved many dangerous tests, and have succeeded in finding the Bright Kingdom. You are the youngest Neopians to ever find me, and so I will make you Light Faeries and my children. That way you never have to leave the Bright Kingdom again.”

The Uber Light Faerie said as she waved her wand. Suddenly with a flash of bright light Paprika and Miimii gained wings, a Light Faerie’s dress, human body, and had become the Uber Light Faerie’s daughters.

“A dream come true,” Paprika said as she gazed in awe at her new self.

The End