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Tryannian Tribes

by tensei

Rhiannon Yesterday, live here at NNT (National Neopian TV) with an article written by one of our star journalists. Aya, a native to the newly discovered prehistoric world of Tyrannia, decided to write us a report of the four known Tyrranian tribes to give us a little insight into this "backward" world.

This Tyrannian tribe makes their living by picking berries, digging roots, growing vegetables, and selling elaborately carved trinkets. These are very much admired by others because of the intricate designs, despite the fact that the makers may seem 'simple-minded'. This tribe is practical, full of sensibility, and depend on no one but themselves. Because of their independence, they seem rather detached. They excel in hunting and challenging one another to see who can shoot the farthest arrow is also common. They are often associated with the element earth, their god is Oonai, and they worship the Earth Faerie by burning the leaves of rare scented plants. Though the Earth Faerie does appreciate this, she does not think the best way to honour her is to actually burn the plants.

The Roneeva get by by practicing the art of blacksmithing and the making of metal weapons. Coal mines are also used, and precious and semi-precious stones and materials are taken from the earth. However, this is not done often because they know it's a 'give and take' kind of world and they want to avoid any way of irritating their goddess, Vesta. Their devotion to the Fire Faerie is also constant, and bonfires are lit to show admiration.This tribe is easily vexed and it is strongly not recommended you anger them in any way, for their wrath cannot be prevented. If you do indeed infuriate them somehow, give them time, and boiling fury will dwindle down to simmering rage.

This Tyrannian clan exists by fishing, their lives revolving around their seaport. Crates are filled with crustaceans, clams, and their economy is centered mostly around exporting exquisite seashells. This tribe is peaceful and spiritual, respective of everyone and everything. They adore their Divine Mistress (Creator), Mei, and give reverence to the Water Faerie as well. They have races in swimming and diving, and they can tell you about any type of corel or kelp, fish or shell. They are connected with the element water and this suits them well because like water, they can be gentle and soothing, however, when provoked, they can unleash more damage than most realise.

The quiet, serene tribe of Na-Neev make a living by exporting divine potrait and landscape paintings and receiving imports from other parts of Tyrannia. Their delicate brushes can make the daintiest of strokes, and their talent is all natural. They are the most peaceful tribe, and really do not see any use of words when anything and everything can be expressed through a simple swipe of a brush or a sketch. They believe that things are never complicated in the first place -- it is us who entangle and confuse ourselves. They live simply, hunting, fishing, gathering fruits, in small huts near streams. They are taught to be considerate, thoughtful, and courteous and are silent when terrible things happen, so that the hatred inside won't escape and spread, but will be held within and will slowly diminish. They welcome newcomers, but it is suggested to not underestimate them because they will rid themselves of troubles when necessary.

This is Rhiannon Yesterday, signing off.