Faerieland: A Wonderful Place to Be

by Artood2

Have you heard about Faerieland? If not you should read this article! If you're still reading, thanks!. Faerieland is a fairly new place in NeoPets. In Faerieland you can watch and bet on Poogle Races, the Water Faerie will heal your pets, you can spin The Wheel of Excitement, you can buy Faerie PetPets and do much, much more. There is even a new pet. It's really cute.

Poogle Racing - Poogle racing is every 15 minutes and you can bet up to 500 Neopoints on any Poogle you want. There are 5 Poogles in each race and they are named, very simply, Poogle 1, Poogle 2, Poogle 3, Poogle 4, and Poogle 5. You can read a description of each Poogle by clicking on a link.

Healing Springs - The healing spring is a place where you can get your pets healed for free, and you can buy healing potions. The Water Faerie runs the healing springs and she can heal your pets every half hour if you want her to. She might give all of your pets 3 extra hit points, or she might heal your pets and make them not hungry, or she might just give you a healing potion. Mind you this is all for free! You can also buy healing potions from the Water Faerie. The prices for healing potions range from 25 NP to 1250 NP.

Wheel of Excitement - To spin the Wheel of Excitement you pay the Faeries 100 NP. Then you and your pets can spin the wheel. The wheel will stop on something, it may be good, or it may be bad but you will always get something. The good things you can win are 2000 NP, or a Faerie, or 10,000 NP, or a special item, or a magic potion. You never know what you will get. Just watch out for the Pant Devil. For more info on the Wheel of Excitement, check out the entry for it in the Neopedia.

Faerie PetPets - You can buy Faerie PetPets from the Faerie pet pet keeper. You can buy many different types of pets at this store. Here are some of the pet pets and their descriptions:

Pikis - This pet is a little bear. He shows his emotions by the sign on his chest. For example when he is happy he has a heart on his chest.

Meekins - This little pet kind of looks like a little ball of fluff. He will never stops shrieking unless you feed him.

Cirrus - This little pet looks like a cloud. Hi two older brothers abandoned him so now you and your NeoPet can look after him.

Magaral - This little pet is purple and he also looks like a ball of fluff. No one knows much about this cute pet pet.

Faerie Crossword - The Library Faerie needs your help to fill in the crossword puzzle. She has clues but can't make head or tail of them! So you'll need to read them and figure out what words go in each spot. If you complete it in under two minutes you can make 2000 NPs.

There are many interesting things you can do at the newly opened Faerieland. I hope you go there and have a lot of fun. I can't wait until the Employment Agency opens because my pets need jobs!!!