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Neopedia : Wheel of Excitement

Location: Faerieland
Cost: 500 NP
Operator: Light Faerie

Step right up and give the Wheel of Excitement a spin! Round and round it goes... Where it stops, only the Faeries know. If you ever get a chance to visit Faerieland, be sure to bring along 500 Neopoints and a fake lucky rabbit's foot; that way you might win a rare item or a bagful of Neopoints. But be careful, though; the Wheel occasionally takes a less than favourable turn, which can leave you worse off than you were before. Are you sure you want to give it a try?

Wheel of Excitement

The Wheel is filled with mystery and, of course, excitement! The Dark Faerie and the Lava Ghoul add a bit of both to the Wheel, because you don't know what's going to happen. Will the Dark Faerie increase one of your pet's abilities, or will she cackle and fly away, leaving you empty handed? You'll never know unless you try. Oh, by the way, try not to land on the skull and bones or get ZAPPED by the lightning either...

Light Faerie

On a more pleasant note, if you land on the kind Light Faerie, she may heal your pet or increase its abilities. For only 500 Neopoints, your chances couldn't be any sweeter. Just give it a spin and see what happens; either way, you'll come back to spin it again and again. There's a catch, though -- you may only give it a whirl once every two hours, since the Faeries do get tired and take a well deserved break now and then.