Guilds: What Is Happening?

By the_giovanni

The new Guilds are taking over. We all know it, but there is nothing we can do about it. NeoPets was first created to be a whole community of pet lovers, where the players feed, groom and play with their pets, but now, it is far from that. People are training their pets to fight, hitting it big on the stock exchange, and generally creating a rich empire within a website. This is where the Guilds come in.

Back last year, when Guilds first came out, there was about five of them, each with a few thousand members, and nothing really happened between them. People read the lists of people who were in the guild, chose one with a good username, talked for a bit and then lost touch. But at the beginning of last summer, Neopia changed. Neopets was no longer a small community of pet lovers.You soon found out that a few more people played the site than you thought, a few million more, in fact.

The Neopets went through a series of changes: Mystery Island, changes in the maps and more shops and games opening. Soon you found yourself battling for Neopia against Dr. Sloth, and then the two week saga seemed to be over as soon as it had started. You feel as if it had all been for nothing.

Then soon after, well a few months after, came the member-made Guilds. This sudden creation sprung from nowhere without warning, and if you hadn't logged on within a certain few days you may not have known. This happened to me, and I found out when I clicked on someone's profile and it told me that they were a 'dragon whipper" of the Organ Players Guild!

Then came the hard bit: joining or making a Guild. I decided to make a Guild, because I had just made major profits on The Stock Exchange at the time. This might not have been the best option. I love owning a Guild now, but it is a long job.

To even think of owning a Guild, you need to go on Neopets a minimum of once every two days, and you need money to support it. Here is the step-by-step guide to creating a guild: First, think of a theme. Let's base this on my Guild, then. Say you chose a Battledome Guild like I did. What will it do? Will it be an army? Will it be a training group (like I chose)? It's up to you. Next, think of a good name, and make it a bit better than The Animal Guild, or The Football Guild.

Then, you should create a logo. A good but simple logo normally does the trick of getting some attention.Next, you need to get your members. First, if you have any neofriends on the site, invite them to be your Council, if you know they are trustworthy. A tip: never set out to find a nice rich shop, and ask the owner whether he or she wants to become your treasurer. You get a grizzly reply. Also, you should ADVERTISE. All big things advertise you know! Next, create inner Guild offers and ideas, such as a Guild Library or Food Store. Another good idea is to secure your Guild with an alliance or two. After all, you could have a traitor on your team! Also, train the Guild's pets. Sometimes arguments become fierce between Guilds, and it might need to be decided in the Battledome!

This is all I will write now, because my fingers are beginning to hurt. If you want to join my Guild (and you know you do) neomail me, or go to http://www.neopets.com/guilds/guild.phtml?oid=the_giovanni. See you later...