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24th, 25th, and 26th August - Grundo Day

  • Someone in the office was a little overzealous while trying to combat the summer heat. It looks like all the ice machines, snow cone makers, air conditioning, and sprinklers going off at the same time has created a "Snow Day" at TNTHQ! We all know what happens on a "Snow Day" - no, not free ice cream - it means the office will be closed tomorrow! Yay! *puts on swim gear* Oh wait... Yay! *puts on snow gear* We are all going out to play in the snow before it melts. We will be returning on Monday, the 27th so we will see you then!

  • Grundos can now visit the Rainbow Pool to get painted Wraith and Gold!

  • The Poems page has been updated with such works as 'Cross-Painted And Creepy' and 'Gargarox's Apprentice'!

  • Cookie_monster84's 'Kiko Lake Beach Resort' has won the Neohomes Spotlight this week!

  • Grit the Sklyde has won the Petpet Spotlight this week!

  • Get your Grundo-themed Space Armour today to celebrate Grundo Day at the Battledome!

  • Cap'n Threelegs is offering free training to all Grundos who visit him on Grundo Day.

  • There is a great selection of Grundo related images at the Art Gallery!

  • There is a new Mystery Pic competition. The answer to the last one was Words of Antiquity Shopkeeper. 698 people guessed correctly, earning them 2,866 NP each.

  • The newest issue of the Neopian Times has been released! Keep your eyes open for great stories and adventures like An Interview with the Labyrinth Blumaroo and The Invisible Lupe.

  • Don't forget, a new round of the Beauty Contest will begin tomorrow! Don't forget to check back on Friday, Noon NST for the winners. :)

  • Grundos now have two outfits to choose from at the Clothing Shop.


  • The new Grundo Key Quest tokens may be out of this world but you can still get them at the NC Mall! :) Celebrate Grundo Day with the Starry, Split, and Green Key Quest tokens!

23rd August

  • That Grumpy Old King Skarl must be feeling extra generous lately. Some particularly witty court jesters have informed us that he has been giving away some new items from his stash of leftover banquet items. You can try visiting the king as well, but don't forget to take your best joke books with you!

    Unfortunately, he is still rather surly...

  • Magical Wocky plushies are looking extra magical today! :)

  • The latest Kreludor Cave Of The Week is by i_izbad4u and called 'Cave Transparent V2'!

  • Jawsch is the king of Grundos and spotlights this week as his Petpage 'Save the Grundos' has won the Site Spotlight!

  • A new Lenny Conundrum competition has begun. The answer to last week's was Usuki Pirate Wench. 113 people guessed the correct answer earning themselves 35399 NP each.

  • This week's PPL award has been given to the N-4 Info Retrieval Bot. Well done Dave, Winky, Ronnie, Alexandria, and all the others.

  • The latest snowballs at the Ice Crystal Shop may not be made out of snow, but they are quite useful in the Battledome!

  • You know who's a really COOL Grundo? Zargrold. He loves to play Gormball but sometimes he wants to take a break! Zargrold the Cool thinks he is Better Than You. What do you think? Are you 'cool' enough? ;)

  • Zylphia is all set to explore Neopia's past with her time machine, the chronomobile. Step into the chronomobile and start off on the History Capsule Adventure! A Mystery Capsule from each era will be dropped off at the NC Mall for you to investigate. What type of treasure will you bring back from Neopia's golden age? Start off on your trip down memory lane with the Sloth Invasion Mystery Capsule, the first capsule in the event.

22nd August

  • Kauvara's Magic Shop now has two new morphing potions that will make your Neopet blend right in!

  • Muzikbox's wig-themed gallery, 'Hair Affairs', has won the Gallery Spotlight this week!

  • Jawsch has won User Lookup of the Week with their lookup that is dedicated to Grundo Day!

  • There is a new Mystery Pic competition. The answer to the last one was Fairfax the Deckhand Neopedia Image. 991 people guessed correctly, earning them 2,019 NP each.

  • The Feepit and Hopso can now be painted Plushie at the Petpet Puddle!

  • Even Dr. Sloth is celebrating upcoming Grundo Day in the latest Caption Contest image!

  • There is a brand new page of images available to admire at the Art Gallery!

21st August

  • Coltzan's Shrine has a brand new look now! To reward everyone for their efforts in revitalising his shrine, Coltzan is now giving away some updated prizes! Go visit Coltzan to see what he will reward you with today! :)

  • There is a new helmet in the Neopian Gift Shop that will help protect you against an army of limes. (Just in case those limes decide to attack one day...)

    Limewocky is not amused.

  • The Story Telling competition has begun! Check out this new beginning that was sent in by dr_tomoe.

    'Excuse me,' she said, approaching the Korbat. 'What is all this?'

    'Ahh,' he said. 'I'm glad you asked. This is the main event of this year's Usukicon. The unveiling of Neopia's rarest Usuki doll!'

    Chesh gasped out loud. She just had to see...

  • Sutek's Scrolls has two new scrolls for you to take on your long journey into the desert... It's fun to read about sand and dunes when you are in a sand dune!

  • Svadhishthana the Mynci has won the Pet Spotlight this week!

  • Congratulations go out to Eldwyn and AurorMoody! Each has proven spiffier than the rest in the Customisation Spotlight. Voting for this week's contest has begun. Good luck to this week's entrants!

  • 'The Business Of Collecting Trophies', 'The Snow Faerie's Vacation', and more Poems titles are available for you to read!

  • If you're feeling lucky, the new Wild Card Fortune Cookie from the NC Mall might be for you! When opened, this cookie will grant you 24 hours of double (or triple if you're extra lucky) Neopoints on seven select card games. (Check the FAQ for the full list.) Visit Noda to see if he has a batch, if you like. He won't bite. (Unless you're a cookie. But you're not a cookie, right? Yeah, there's nothing to worry about.)

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