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New Features (Our Neopets Diary) - January 2000's News

This is the NEW FEATURES page. To keep you up to date we have decided to create a page that lists everything new that we add to the site, so you know whats going on! Keep checking this page for updates.

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27th January 2000

  • Today a new feature was added where your pet sends you a card when its your birthday.
  • Also, lots more banners and buttons were added to the link to us page. All new banners were sent in by you, so go check them out.
25th January 2000

  • The Neopian Times starts today - if you have any articles you want to send in then please let us know!
  • A new pet has been added... the Polypup! Its like a puppy, but its pointy!
24th January 2000

  • We now have over 250 trading card ideas, and 90 on the site. We will be allowing you to buy them in the shops soon!
21st January 2000

  • The grand total of trading cards is now at 48 with lots of new designs submitted by you.
  • All banners have been taken off the site to speed it up and a new logo has been released.
19th January 2000

  • When you do a user lookup about somebody, you can now see their contributions.
  • Fixed a big bug with the shops!!! Now there won't be any duplicated shops in the marketplace.
18th January 2000

  • Loads more trading cards added to the site today, we are now on 16 in total, and have had over 140 contributions!!
  • I added a cool admin function so we can give items to people now :) Be nice and you never know :)
17th January 2000

  • Loads more shopkeepers have been uploaded, and we have improved the 'choose shopkeeper' page as well!
  • We have added a great new Trading Card game, but we aren't launching it till we have over 100 cards - please send in your contributions!
  • The Adopt-A-Pet page now has a search engine on it!
14th January 2000

  • You can add #OWNER and #OWNERLOOKUP when designing your pets homepage.
  • Your pet can now find Faeries lurking around the site.
  • We seem to have turned into Pokemon now... check out the about us page
13th January 2000

  • You can now clear the sales history in your shop.
  • Fixed a bug in Lenny Trivia!
  • This is a sneak preview of our next two pets. These are based on entries to the Create a Pet Competition.


12th January 2000

  • Thanks for uploading all your shopkeepers, we are in the process of adding them to the 'choose shopkeeper' page so that you have much more of a selection, and not just Adam, Adam and Donna's ugly faces!!!
  • Added this page, just to keep you up to date with what is happening.
11th January 2000

  • Added a new pet, the Fleye, a winner of our Christmas Pet Competition.
  • Added loads more items including lots of pies for the food shop and more books to teach your pet with!
10th January 2000

  • Doug Hill starts work answering your emails and coming up with great new ideas for the site.


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