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Can't get enough of Neoplants? Don't worry, there's more in store. Here are some of the new games that will be coming soon:
  • Magnolia Chase
  • Attack of the Aphids
  • Soilmuncher
  • Grass Basher
  • The Stalk Market
  • and much much more...

Free the leaves, man.
I believe in flower power.

Won't you be my Neogardener?

Customise your Neoplant with fun and trendy accessories! Earn sunshine points that you can put toward bonus items and avatars.

Rawr rawr rawr rawr!

Oh, I say! What's the idea, gadding about on legs? Users these days!

Give your Neoplant a cosy little home of its own. The Pot Spotlight is coming soon, so why not put your thinking cap on and try to work out something creative?