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The Fourth Annual Neopies
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Welcome to the Neopies Award Ceremony! This year, we honour the accomplishments of Neopia during Year 13. As audience members, you may vote on your favourites in each category. Vote early and often; Neopia wants your opinion!

Voting has ended and the final winners have been announced! Good show, if I do say so myself. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to watering my lawn gnomes.
Best New Paint Brush Colour
Winner Announced
Swamp Gas
Best Caption Images
Winner Announced
Caption 1177
Caption 1204
Caption 1206
Caption 1219
Best News Day
Winner Announced
Fyora Day

Maractite Day/Faeries' Ruin Prize Shop
Hubrid Nox Memorial

Discovery of Meridell Day
Best PPL Petpet Name
Winner Announced
Salty the Mutant Slorg
Sherlock the Leeble
Patrick the Splime
Winston the Urchull
Best NC Mall Collectible Item
Winner Announced
The Three Collector's Cloak
Roberta's Collector's Contacts
Bringer of Night Collector's Staff
Healing Springs Collector's Wig
Best Site Event
Winner Announced
Krawk Island Disappearance
Faerie Quests

Daily Dare

Haunted Faire

Best New Neopet Colour
Winner Announced
Mutant Acara
Woodland Tonu
Camouflage Krawk
Water Kyrii
Best NC Game Item
Winner Announced
Fantastical Plushie Land Background
Emo Hair Wig

Mysterious Cape with Cowl
Sloth Clone Make-Up

Best Site Shopkeeper Revamp
Winner Announced
Hubert's Hot Dogs
Neopian Auction House
Igloo Garage Sale
Collectable Sea Shells
Best Neopoint Item
Winner Announced
Cannibalistic Pumpkin

Faerie Caverns Stamp

Flower Ink Frame

My Best Buddy Sloth Cardboard Cutout
Best Species Specific Wearables
Winner Announced
Chimney Sweep Techo Outfit
Lupe Knight Outfit

On The Go Cybunny Outfit
Skeith Tinkerer Outfit

Best NC Accompaniment
Winner Announced
Altador Cup

Faerie Quests

Krawk Island Disappearance
Games Master Challenge
Let Us Never Speak Of This Again
Winner Announced
Krawk Island Site Theme Requirements
Yooyuball Update

Daily Dare Final Prizes

One Caption Contest a Week
Best New Petpet
Winner Announced
Best New Avatar
Winner Announced
High Roller
Krawken Attack
Best NC Mall Wearable
Winner Announced
Deathly Union Dress

Multicolour Wig

Hanging From The Tree Garland
Valentine Sunset Beach Background
Best Neopoint Background
Winner Announced
Saskia's Cart Silhouette Background
Crumbling Ancient Castle Background
Lily Pad Background

Perfect Gazebo Background