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The Eighth Annual Neopies
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Neopia's favourite awards ceremony is back, and this year the Neopies have more categories than ever! Vote for your favourites and give Neopia your opinion. Prizes are awarded for taking part, so don't miss out. Your vote counts!

Click here to participate in the VIP Raffle at the Closing Gala.

Best Neopet Color

Mosaic Grarrl
Oil Paint Peophin
Origami Techo
Steampunk Blumaroo

Best Species Specific Outfit

Candy Ruki
Gnorbu Snowbeast
Mermaid Flotsam
Witch Eyrie

Best Advent Animation

Day 9
Day 11
Day 19
Day 21

Best Advent Prize

Christmas Shop Window Display Background
High Tea in the Woods
The Giant Omelette: Myths and Folktales
Soup Faerie Stamp

Best Neopoint Background

Carnival of Terror Entrance
Classy Minimal Boudoir
Neopies After-Party Background
Maraqua Sunken Ship Background

Best Neopoint Wearable

Dreamy Faerie Dress
Negg Stand Foreground
Tree of Love
Yooyu Trellis Arch Gate

Best Site Event

Hannah and the Lost Time Capsules
Halloween Costume Competition
Living with Less
Daily Dare

Best Mystery Capsule

Retired Altador Cup Mystery Capsule
Retired Wonderclaw Mystery Capsule
NC Mall Birthday Iridescent Mystery Capsule
The 20th Anniversary Mystery Capsule

Best Caption Image

Campfire Stories - 1423
Valentine’s Day Balloons - 1419
Treadmill Terrors - 1420
Hubrid Hijinks - 1427

Best NC Wearable

Lighthouse Background
Cosy Baby Onesie
Dewy Butterfly Bubbles
Floral Golden Gateway

Best NC Feature

Forgotten Relics of Altador
Lulu in Space
Haunted Mansion
Mysterious Magical Neggs

Best New Avatar

20 Year Celebration Avatar
Robot Vandagyre Avatar
Royalboy Lutari Avatar
L&L - Bravo, Aurrick Avatar

Best Premium Collectible Item

Fall Leaves Shower
Castle in the Sky
Candy Cane Scarf
Ghoulish Ghosts Garland

Best Prize Pool Update

Trudy's Surprise
Qasalan Expellibox
Cooking Pot

Best New Petpet Color

Royal Fir
Tyrannian Snomorg
Valentine Splime
Pirate Marafin

Best Neopoint Item

Sloth Collectible Charm
Elderly Apple
AAA Coin
That's All, Folks! Thanks for taking part in the eight annual Neopies! This year's voting has come to an end. You spoke, and Neopia listened. Try not to go mad with power, please.