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Neopedia : Tyranu Evavu

Taking its name from the ancient Neopian words for "higher" and "lower," Tyranu Evavu has become all the rage with Neopians visiting the lost land of Tyrannia. Though novice players might think that it's just a scam, those who have put in the time and effort to master the game have found it be a very "rewarding" experience, indeed.

The premise is deceptively simple; the dealer presents you with two cards. One card is showing, the other is face-down. At that point, you either say "tyranu," which means that you think the face-down card has a higher value than the card which is showing, or you state "evavu," which informs the dealer that you think the face-down card has a lower value than the one showing.

Each time that one makes a correct guess, the pot increases in value. One who possesses the luck and skill to put together a string of correct guesses is often rewarded with pots that can be worth several hundreds of Neopoints. Given that it costs a mere 30 NPs to enter a game, the lure of such great payoffs has proven irresistable for Neopians visiting Tyrannia. For this reason, the three pets who operate the Tyranu Evavu tables have been working overtime since their homeland's recent rediscovery.