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Neopedia : Kingdom of Altador

Current Location: West of the Lost Desert
Founded by: The Twelve Heroes
Primary Ruler: King Altador
Council Members: The ten remaining heroes
Areas of Interest: Altador Colosseum, Altadorian Archives, Hall of Heroes

Long cherished as one of the most outstanding kingdoms in all Neopia, Altador nearly faded completely into myth before making a recent reappearance. Word is quickly spreading that two young heroes, a Lupe and an Acara, had something to do with the great city's restoration. Now, thanks to the aid of Queen Fyora herself, it seems that the Darkest Faerie is once again trapped... this time in a place where Fyora can keep a close eye on her.

With the Darkest Faerie gone, the Kingdom of Altador is no longer at risk and is once again settling back into its old peaceful way of life. They have even reintroduced the exciting game of Yooyuball to Neopia and hold the Altador Cup (a Yooyuball tournament) annually, which has become an astonishing worldwide event.