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Neopedia : Terror Mountain

Top of the Mountain Location: Neopia's northern ice cap
Weather: Constant cold and snow
Primary Exports: Ice cream and Neggs
Population: 420,000
Busiest time of year: Month of Celebrating
Places to visit: Happy Valley, Ice Caves, Top of the Mountain
Terror Mountain logo

The permanently frozen land of Terror Mountain actually encompasses three distinct areas: Happy Valley, the Ice Caves, and the peak area, known as the Top of the Mountain. Happy Valley, despite always being covered in snow, has the mildest climate in the area. The freezing Ice Caves are best known for being the home of the Snowager, as well as the Negg Faerie. The harshest area is the Top of the Mountain, because the journey to reach it is fraught with perils, such as the blistering cold winds and snowfalls that constantly try to thwart those who attempt to reach the mountain's peak.

Once the summit is achieved, however, there is a little relief, as a few hardy trees and rocky outcroppings offer some protection from the wind. As a result, only the most resilient Neopians make their homes up there, including Mika and Carassa, the Snow Faerie, Donny, and Tarla. Why so many of them set up shop in such an extreme temperature zone is bewildering, though perhaps it has something to do with the really low property taxes...

The view from Terror Mountain

Though Terror Mountain is usually somewhat removed from most of the events that shape Neopia, there was quite a bit of excitement there several years ago. It seems that thieves unwittingly led to the re-emergence of the Bori, a long-lost Neopian species. The amazing story is now told all over Neopia, often under the title Hannah and the Ice Caves.

Top of the Mountain

Taelia the Snow Faerie Snow Faerie Quests - A bit of a recluse, Taelia the Snow Faerie makes her home high in the snows of Terror Mountain. She is always in need of spell components for her enchantments, but prefers to pay others rather than spend time searching for the items she needs.

Snow Roller - If you hear someone behind you shout, "Watch out!", it's probably best to dodge. Odds are good that a giant snowball is on its way down. The Snowbeast's minions, Petpets known as Xamphers, regularly sweep up everything in their path just like an avalanche!

Toy Repair Shop - He may be a little grumpy, but Donny's Toy Repair Shop has an excellent record of saving old, worn-out toys from the Rubbish Dump. There's a heart of gold underneath that gruff exterior. A little kindness in return might go a long way toward improving his attitude, though...

Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop - If you can't say the name without stumbling, it's time to come in from the cold! Known to most tourists as that wacky place where you can get a cold treat when you want it least, the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop is also home to the extremely rare Magical Chia Pops. If your Chia has always wanted to be a giant walking fruit, you've come to the right place.