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Neopedia : Battledecks

Spectre Category: Battle
Class: Magic
Suggested Value: 1 to 2.5 million NP
Rarity: Retired Artefact
Size: 4" x 4" x 3"
Features: Cheat! players

Behold, the Battledecks! Once revered as quite powerful, these collections of Battlecards have long since fallen into disuse. Now most of their value lies in their rarity and potential for nostalgia. Of course, individual cards are still quite common.

Coming in three different varieties (Kalora, Capara and Spectre), Battledecks were once among the Battledome's most powerful and sought after items. Anyone fortunate enough to possess one can generate three Battlecards per round in the Battledome. Once the Battledeck has generated these cards, they can be used to dole out what was once considered great punishment to one's foes.

Caparas Battledeck Kaloras Battledeck Spectres Battledeck

Battlecards come in three different varieties: regular cards, which are recognisable by their red borders, silver and gold. Generally speaking, gold Battlecards inflict more damage than silver cards, and silver cards do more harm than red ones. The degree of damage done also depends on who is depicted on the card; the better the Cheat! player shown on the card, the greater the damage inflicted. For example, a Battlecard of Spectre the Jetsam is likely to hurt your opponent much more than a card of Capara the Kyrii or Branston the Eyrie.

Capara Battlecard Silver Little Timmy Battlecard Gold Chuffer Bob Battlecard Brucey B Battlecard Silver Fernypoo Battlecard Gold Spectre Battlecard

Of the three types of Battledecks, the Spectre deck is known for generating a higher number of gold cards than the other two. For that reason, Battledecks with Spectre the Jetsam on them usually sell for twice as much as those depicting Capara the Kyrii. Now, you might be asking, how is it that an ancient artefact made many years ago would be capable of generating Battlecards which show Neopia's current crop of top Cheat! players? Alas, we can only attribute it to the magic of the ancients... a magic which, to this day, remains beyond our understanding.