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Neopedia : Tomos

Tomos Name: Tomos
Species: Lupe
Gender: Male
Interests: Riches, jewels, food, and petty theft
Best known for: His excellent thieving skills and his knack for running into situations without thinking
Dreams of: What every street urchin does - a life of luxury
Quote: "Can you imagine how much these are worth?"
Best friend: Nabile
Tomos exploring When Tomos joined the Desert Scarabs at the tender age of three, it was an ongoing joke among the group of thieves that they were going into the daycare business. Despite his young age, however, Tomos showed remarkable abilities as a pickpocket.

Later, when Nabile joined the ranks of the Desert Scarabs, the two of them became a great team. Nabile's cleverness, when matched with Tomos's boldness, assured that they brought back more than their fair share of food and goods at the end of the day.

With Nabile's sudden and surprising marriage to Jazan, however, it seemed that Tomos would need to find a new partner in crime.