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Neopedia : The Annual Chocolate Ball

Event: The Annual Chocolate Ball
Occurs: Each year on the 15th day of the Month of Gathering
Host: A rather mysterious Kiko
Dress: Only the finest in formal attire will do.
Guests: That's a secret that only those who are invited get to find out.
The reason for celebrating: Chocolate, in all its varying delicious forms!

Every year, right on schedule, invitations to attend the annual Chocolate Ball are sent out. As soon as this happens, it doesn't take long for Neopia's social elite to begin whispering and chattering with excitement. What will this year's event be like? What delicious new treats will be on hand for sampling? Most importantly, who has raised eyebrows by either getting a surprise invite or receiving an unforeseen snub?

Indeed, the Chocolate Ball (which is held within the mysterious Chocolate Factory every year) is the ultimate high-society event. Speculation regarding this classy affair is capable of stirring up rumours among even the most refined of citizens. Each year, the mysterious Kiko in charge of running the Chocolate Factory somehow manages to outdo the previous event in such spectacular fashion that talk of the preceding year's gala barely has a chance to die down before the 15th day in the Month of Gathering rolls around again.

Last year, the factory was decked out as a magnificent ballroom, complete with beautiful chocolate carvings of each guest! The chocolate statues, each in a ballroom-dancing pose, were perfect likenesses of every individual. Stunned by this phenomenal surprise, the guests rushed to find the delicious statue that shared their features. They oohed and ahhed for hours while studying the intricate chocolate-work, right down to the frills of a dress or the pattern on a tie. Some were even amused to find that the chocolate outfit worn by their statue happened to be the very same one that they themselves had chosen for the evening!

The night wore on as the guests danced with glee among their chocolate twins, twirling and spinning, only stopping occasionally to dip their glasses into the chocolate fountain that flowed with a divine-tasting variety of chocolate milk.

When the Chocolate Ball came to a close, the evening's curious host thanked each and every one of his guests for attending. As they departed, the Kiko responsible for this magnificent affair gave everyone who'd attended a delicious sample of his newest chocolate creation, carved in the form of their name. While stepping out into the night, many of the guests had already begun to ponder aloud how such a grand evening could ever be surpassed.