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Neopedia : Dr_Death

Name : Dr_Death
Species : Techo
Age : Not anywhere near as old as he looks
Occupation : Keeper of Disowned Neopets.
Hopes to be : Anything but a Vet!

As a young boy, Dr_Death had an unusual interest in caring for animals. He would take home injured Puppyblews, nurse them back to full health and then find good homes for them all. After years of medical training, the enthusiastic doctor set off to find a job where he could make a real difference.

After much consideration, he accepted a position at the local pound. It was up to Dr_Death to find good homes for all of the unwanted Neopets. Many years passed and Dr_Death became sadder and sadder. Each month more innocent Neopets were abandoned by their heartless owners. Some because they were too playful, others because the owner couldn't feed them. Even worse, some were dumped simply because a new type of pet came along.

Eventually after dealing with more cruel people each day, Dr_Death gave up hope. The once happy Techo is a now a grumpy old fellow, who wishes he didnt have to see all the helpless young Neopets that are left to starve each day.