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Neopedia : Truggdon the Grundo

Name : Truggdon
Species : Grundo
Age : Thirty-four
Hobbies : Gourmet cooking
Favourite Food : Cherries jubalee, "because I can
either sit down to a whole plate's worth, or just grab
a handful on my way to a match."
Quote : "Did you bring a towel? I hear that water's
pretty cold today..."

..."After washing dishes in the Grundo Chef's Restaurant for a few weeks, I'd decided that enough was enough... there had to be something else I could do instead of scrubbing pots and pans for a living. So that's when a friend of mine says to me, 'Hey Truggdon, I hear Sloth's Army is looking for new recruits. You're a pretty tough guy... do you think you could make it?' I wasn't so sure about the whole idea; I mean, isn't that kind of life dangerous? After a few fruitless weeks of looking for another job, though, I knew that there wasn't much else for me to do. So basically, I joined...

Those first few weeks were the roughest time of my life--a nonstop blur of pain and anxiety. It was always, 'Go Faster!' or 'Work Harder!' but unlike washing dishes, at least I knew it wouldn't last forever. Once I'd been accepted as a full-fledged member of Sloth's Army, things really changed. We might have been on the bottom rung, but at least we were now on the ladder...

It was during my time in Sloth's Army that I learned about Tug-O-War. One day, while I was going to get something to eat, I saw a huge crowd jumping and screaming. Wondering what all the noise must be about, I walked over and saw that it was a Tug-O-War match. I thought it was all pretty interesting, that folks would stand around and watch such a thing, but I really took notice when I saw that the winner got 500 NPs. 'Hmmm' I thought to myself, 'I can do that... and make a lot of money, too.' That day, I won three bets and 800 NPs. Why, within a matter of weeks, I was winning close to 10,000 NPs a week-- that is, until I beat everyone and there was nobody left to challenge.

As my Tug-O-War skills improved, my military career really started to go downhill. During my time in Sloth's Army, I'd seen a lot of meanness and cruelty, and it really made me want to leave. As bad as things got, though, the truth was that I was scared of what Doctor Sloth would do to me... quitting Sloth's Army isn't really an option. However, after the invasion of Sakhmet, I knew there was no way I could continue be a part of what was going on. In Sakhmet, I saw families who'd lost their homes and had their businesses burned to the ground... it was the saddest thing I'd ever seen. So that's when I decided to to leave...."

After weeks of hiding in The Lost Desert, Truggdon was finally able to return to Sakhmet once Sloth's Army had been defeated. Though the natives were wary of him at first, they soon saw that Truggdon despised Sloth and his Army as much as they did. As the mighty Grundo racked up a number of impressive victories, he even managed to acquire a devoted following among the local Tug-O-War enthusiasts.