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Neopedia : Meerca Brothers Take the Cake

Judge Hog with Heermeedjet and Meerouladen Heermeedjet: "All this eating is making me sleepy... I think it might be time for a nap."

Meerouladen: "Honest, I was gonna put that back..."

"Your mission," the note read, "is to bring me the Breadmaster's secret doughnut recipe. Mind you, our client for this recipe is a VERY prominent member of Neopian society, so there is no room for failure... come home with that recipe, or don't come home at all!"

"Boy, how are we ever going to pull this off?" Heermeedjet thought as he tucked the note into the pocket of his leather jacket.

Once the coast was clear, the Meerca Brothers rushed for the Bakery, then hid behind the sign out front. As Meerouladen skillfully pried the window open, Heermeedjet kept an eye out to make sure they didn't get caught. Within moments they were inside the shop. "It's gotta be here somewhere," Meerouladen said as he searched for the recipe.

However, what Meerouladen didn't know was that, as they searched the shelves of the Bakery, the delicious scent of doughnuts, pies and pastries was becoming more than Heermeedjet could bear. Pretty soon, the pudgy Meerca was no longer looking for the doughnut recipe... he was looking for the doughnuts! Stuffing himself like there was no tomorrow, Heermeedjet's face was now covered with jelly, chocolate and powdered sugar.

"I've got it," Meerouladen said as he held the recipe aloft. "Let's go, before the Defenders show up!" Just then, as he ran for the door, Meerouladen tripped over a wire and fell to the floor. The cans that had been tied to the wire made an awful noise, and soon the voice of Judge Hog filled the air....

Despite their unconvential methods, the Meerca Brothers are quickly gaining a reputation as Neopia's top burglars. Doing the bidding of their evil master, these stealing siblings have already had a hand in number of high profile robberies... who knows when they'll strike again?