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Neopedia : Kaia

kaia Name: Kaia
Pronunciation: (kaa-yaa)
Species: Faerie
Age: Younger than most of her kind
Interests: Meeting new people, reading all she can about Faeries
What's Keeping Her Busy: Mastering her faerie abilities, avoiding Kou-Jong for a while
Quote: "Finally, FAERIELAND!!"
Having lived in the land of Shenkuu for as long as she can remember, Kaia, a young faerie with great dreams longed to travel to Faerieland. Since there were no other (known) faeries in Shenkuu, Kaia would keenly listen to the stories she would hear about Faerieland from travellers to her land. As her curiosity increased, she happened to hear about the Faerieland Academy from another traveller she met in Shenkuu.

Unable to keep it in any longer, Kaia revealed her wish to enroll at the Academy to her friend Reizo.

"That's a long way from home, Kaia."

"I know, Reizo. But the stories are so fascinating! Imagine how nice it would be if I could enroll at the Academy and learn from the other faeries. I'll finally be able to live with those of my own kind without having everyone stare at me, like they do in Shenkuu".

"Hmm, it does sound nice. But are you sure about this? A far-away land with unknown people..."

"Yes, Reizo, I am. I cannot bear to play another game of Kou-Jong while my mind keeps wandering to how my life could be, were I living in Faerieland."

"I guess you have made up your mind already. All I can say is, any day that you wish to return, do remember that you have a home here. And write to me often!"

Upon entering Faerieland, Kaia found most of the faeries to be kind and helpful. There were two exceptions though - the dark faeries liked pulling mean pranks on everyone and seemed to target her in particular since she was new, and the other students at the academy did not seem to like her much either.


Kaia however ignored the stares and sniggers and continued with her lessons. The determination shown by her did not escape the notice of her professors and soon caught the attention of none other than the Faerie Queen.


Fyora visited the Academy occasionally to check the progress made by the students. Kaia's skills caught her attention and so did the young faerie's isolation in the classroom.

The faerie queen would pass on rare books for Kaia to read and would teach her things not often explained at the Academy. Kaia held great regard for the queen and studied even harder at the Academy.

Kaia's letters to Reizo which once had sad stories of her rejection by the students at the Academy now held pleasant accounts of how the queen herself was helping her get ahead of the others! She now knew more about the land where she never had the opportunity to grow up in and followed the customs and practices of Faerieland just like the other faeries. She was gradually getting accepted by her classmates as well.

"Wow, I had no idea that with that little trick, you can actually magnify your magical powers for a short while!"

"I happened upon it when I was much younger, but soon realized that not many know about it. I would love to teach it to the other students at the academy as well, but I'm afraid they'll use it on each other instead!"

The queen laughs, but Kaia can only manage a weak smile as she remembers how she was targeted at the academy. As the queen watches, Kaia's eyes slowly close and her focus shifts from the world around her.

"Kaia? Are you alright?" asks the queen worriedly.

"Books... candle... fire...", murmurs Kaia.

"What did you say?"

"Library... not safe..."

Realization sweeps over the queen and she rushes to the Faerieland Academy's library. As she enters the main hall, she notices a fire burning from a pile of scrolls scattered on one of the side tables in the next room. A flaming candle had fallen from its bracket onto the papers, starting the fire. A sudden wind lifts the burning pieces of paper and drops them on the next table where several ancient tomes are laid out. Fyora points her staff at the burning sheets and the fires die out, one by one.

Making sure there was no major damage in the library, she returns to find Kaia. The young faerie had no idea what had happened and how many lives she had saved that day.