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Neopedia : Tyrannian Invasion

Slychi, Skeith Invader Long before the obelisk appeared in Tyrannia, before the Concert Hall was the place to be seen, Tyrannia was an idyllic land unaware of the outside world. Chombies roamed the jungles, peacefully munching on leaves, while tribal elders maintained order. Neopets in Tyrannia spoke Ugg-ga, carved furniture from local stone and dung, and sensibly avoided the Lair of the Beast.

Then one day, an earthquake shook the Ice Caves in Terror Mountain, splitting them down the middle. Unbeknownst to the Tyrannians, lava poured up through a fissure in the heart of the Ice Caves, then cooled to reveal a tunnel leading downward. Intrepid Neopets immediately investigated, but were forced to turn back when they encountered impassable walls of vegetation. Yet they had already noticed the air growing warm and dry, quite unlike the Ice Caves.

It was only a matter of time before a friendly face popped through the leaves from the other side, still munching on greenery. It was a Chomby -- the first Chomby that outer Neopia had ever seen. Soon Neopets from across the globe were exploring the "new" land, introducing themselves and regaling the startled Tyrannians with descriptions of their distant homelands. Tyrannia, it seemed, was a welcome addition to Neopia!

But all good things end. Just weeks after Tyrannia's discovery, Myncha, a Tyrannian elder, spotted unfriendly strangers on one of his walkabouts. Myncha knew at once that these were no friendly adventurers, come to learn about a new land. These were invaders!

The Tyrannian Invasion

The Korbat Scouts that Myncha spotted turned out to be the vanguard of an invading army. After all, the attackers reasoned, no one rules in Tyrannia, right? It was a rich land, full of resources and unexploited treasures like wild Gruslens, and there was no one to protect it. Neopia was still full of wild tribes and not a few monsters, and some of them had banded together to conquer Tyrannia.

But they were mistaken about it being easy. Heroic Neopets across Neopia rallied to defend the newest land, and Tyrannia gratefully accepted their help. The council rose to the task of warleaders as wave after wave of enemies charged into the jungles of Tyrannia, from Korbat Scouts and Skeith Invaders to Chia Bombers and Grarrl Battlemasters. Each battalion was deadlier than the last, and the defenders struggled to keep fighting against overwhelming numbers. Neopia had never seen such a fight.

The dread Monoceraptor Finally, the invaders' commander arrived on the battlefield. It was the tallest, most fearsome monster Tyrannia had ever seen: the Monoceraptor. A hideous, twisted version of a Grarrl made somehow into a monster, the Monoceraptor ploughed mercilessly through hundreds of Neopets, and Tyrannia's doom looked certain, until one brave Lupe managed to bring the Monoceraptor down. The crash as he fell was deafening.

While the Tyrannians were celebrating, a raspy voice echoed across the treetops, saying, "That puny creature of mine has failed... but Neopia has not yet seen the last of me... I will return... oh, yes... I will return." To this day, no one knows who spoke the threat, but Tyrannians do not worry about it. They have more important things to do, like spinning the Wheel of Monotony.