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Neopedia : Qasala

Qasala Government: Monarchy
Current leaders: King Jazan and Queen Nabile
Primary exports: Qeela Fruits, curses, and counter-curses
Holds record for: Most haunted foods outside of the Haunted Woods
Cursed by: King Razul

Long thought to have vanished into the sands centuries ago, the city of Qasala was actually subject to a foul curse that left its inhabitants walking mummies and its elaborate architecture in ruins. To anyone from outside, the ruins appeared uninhabited except for a malevolent spirit.

The Qasalans made the best of their sorry state until their ruler, then Prince Jazan, took it upon himself to break the curse. Residents report that while the curse is now gone, there are frequent infestations of Scarabs throughout the city.

Nowadays, Qasala is a thriving city astride several caravan routes through the Lost Desert, with a bustling trade in chocolate, fruits, and spices. Its unique, fiery cuisine is very popular among traders, especially those selling water to tourists...

Places of Interest

Modern Qasala Mystical Surroundings - The shop of a retired wanderer, Mystical Surroundings is an art gallery filled with images from all across Neopia and beyond. The proprietor, also the artist, admits that he's not a native of Qasala, but says, "I've been everywhere at least once, and the desert suits me best. The ruins of Qasala are simply beautiful at sunrise."

Temple of 1,000 Tombs - Underneath Qasala lies a vast temple full of wicked traps and libraries full of ancient wisdom. To venture into the Temple is to risk being trapped there forever, but it is said that wealth beyond measure rests in rooms so cunningly hidden that even the Temple's builders forgot where they were.

Qasalan Delights - Home to such tasty dishes as Evil Baklava and Spicy Queela Dip, Qasalan Delights displays the culinary achievements of Qasala; namely, its talent for burning the mouths of naïve visitors. Rare fruits that only grow here in the ruins are seasoned with the hottest spices known to Neopia. Still, you haven't fully experienced the city of Qasala until you've tasted a Queela Stick. Go on, you know you want to...