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Neopedia : Sakhmet

Sakhmet Government: Monarchy with council
Current leader: Princess Amira
Primary exports: Sandfruits, Baggusses, and princesses
Primary Means of Transportation: Apis caravan

It can be said of Sakhmet that it is actually two cities; one for the nobles, and one that belongs to the rest of its citizens. The Palace and its surrounding district are sumptuous displays of desert wealth, from the gold jewellery that Princess Amira favours to the chilled slushies rushed straight from Terror Mountain before they can melt in the midday heat. The other city, the lower city, is filled with common merchants selling their wares, not to mention beggars and thieves. Perhaps the most famous of the thieves are the Desert Scarabs, a rough and rowdy band of disadvantaged Neopets with a skill for snatching fruit and outrunning the guards. It's safe enough to walk around in the daytime, though, as long as you keep one paw on your money.

Wherever you wind up staying, Sakhmet is an escape from the harsh environment of the Lost Desert. Well-watered by natural springs, Sakhmet boasts high walls to keep out the sandstorms that sweep across the plains outside. Of course, when the wind shifts, the Bagguss-degassing fields can be smelled all over the city, which, admittedly, is a bit unfortunate.

Places of Interest

Sutek's Scrolls Sutek's Scrolls - Are you new to the Lost Desert? Clueless as to what's going on here or need some background info on Sakhmet Natives? Then buy a few scrolls or a book or two. Rumour has it that some of the scrolls contain ancient Lost Desert curses that you can give to your best friends.

Osiri's Pottery - Looking to add some style and class to your Neohome? Come buy some lovely trinkets at Osiri's Pottery store. Buy a simple urn so you won't keep getting asked, "What's with that grey dust lying on your table?" Or how about a lovely jug from which to serve a delicious glass of water? Plus, it's worth a stop at the shop just to ask Osiri where she gets her hair done.

Peopatra's Petpets Peopatra's Petpets - At Peopatra's Petpet Shop, many of the Petpets have special talents, like burrowing underground, making loud humming noises, roaming around the desert aimlessly, biting fingers, and giggling like mad. If this sounds like something you would like, then make sure to visit!

Battle Supplies - A few battle accessories are a must in the harsh desert. Why not stop by the Lost Desert Battle Supplies Shop to stock up? Don't let that mysterious shopkeeper scare you. Save your fear for the assortment of daggers, staffs, swords and the like. It's all very Lost Desert, isn't it?

Fruit Machine - Who would have thought cards with fruit would be so popular? Established during the reign of Coltzan III, the Fruit Machine has been a major tourism draw for Sakhmet ever since.