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Neopedia : Bonju

Name: Bonju
Gender: Male
Colour: Orange
Species: Blumaroo
Profession: Chef
Homeland: Shenkuu
Darkest Deed: Throwing Hoban off the Cyodrake's Gaze
Quote: "If you only knew how proud I was of that dinner..."

Mixing is a delicate processWidely considered the most brilliant Blumaroo ever to come from Shenkuu, Chef Bonju is perhaps most famous for the mystery that took place aboard the Cyodrake's Gaze. Hired on for his superb cooking skills, Bonju endured a tedious journey across the sea, cooking splendid meals for an unappreciative crew while they meandered around looking for bargains in seedy ports. The ship's navigator, Hoban, was the worst of the lot, complaining about having to eat Steamed Fish, despite the fact that it is a gourmet dish fit for the Emperor of Shenkuu himself.

Things came to a head one night when Chef Bonju had prepared one of his finest meals ever. Fresh Negg Noodles, swimming in a fish sauce spicy enough for a magma Scorchio. Misty Shenkuu Mountain Soup, complete with blossom-scented mist rising from the bowl. Origami Rice Balls that tasted like rice instead of paper! It was a triumph. Where was I? Ah yes. During the meal, there was a small argument about the piloting skills of certain navigators, and Hoban had the extremely poor taste to walk out, leaving his plate full of food, just so he could have a dramatic exit! The nerve!

Meanwhile, the ship had sailed right into a storm. Anyone with any sense could see it was too dangerous to try navigating; the only hope was to trim the sails and hold on tight. But no, the ship's navigator had to prove himself. And of course, Hoban insulted Bonju to his face with his unflattering opinion of the glorious meal Bonju had prepared. How could Bonju respond to such an insult? Well, just as with a soufflé pulled from an oven too early by an incompetent cook... something falls.

When Bonju's crewmate Hoban was later found, clinging to driftwood, the whole matter came to light. While the media reaction was regrettable, the notoriety provided by the incident helped secure Bonju's position as a famous chef. Bonju returned to Shenkuu, and Neopians from all over came to visit his Magical Cooking Vessel to try their hand at cooking like a master chef. Not being mastery culinary artists like Bonju, many met only disappointment. The secret, as they say, is in the sauce.