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Neopedia : Princess Lunara

Princess Lunara and her PetpetName: Princess Lunara
Gender: Female
Species: Cybunny
Colour: Blue
Homeland: Shenkuu
Dreams of: Traveling around the world
Petpet: Umbra the Kazeriu
Favourite Gem: Lapis Lazuli

As heir to the throne of Shenkuu, Princess Lunara has lived a life of luxury, surrounded by riches that most Neopets can only dream of. Yet she would give it all up for the chance to leave the palace and explore Neopia -- the one thing she has been forbidden. The heir must be protected at all costs, Lunara has been told many times, lest some disaster befall her, or worse, a scandal.

Lunara's life within the palace walls is filled by games of Godori with her younger sisters and endless lessons on law and philosophy with her tutors. She has mastered the art of graceful flower arrangements, and her bouquets are always sought after during the Festival of Neggs.

Princess Lunara is lonely.Not long ago, though, Lunara could bear the captivity no more. Why could Princess Terrana risk herself in reckless climbing, yet Lunara could not even go outside? She went to her father and demanded her freedom, but the emperor would not relent.

Hoping it would ease the Cybunny's misery, her father's advisor, Hinchiro, gave her a beautiful Kazeriu, which became her constant companion. Yet her loneliness was only diminished, not vanquished. When her sister Terrana suggested that they play a game of hide and seek, Princess Lunara decided to take matters a step further. She disappeared entirely.

The Search for Princess Lunara had begun. All of Shenkuu feared the worst. Their beloved princess must have been kidnapped by nameless ruffians, and the ransom would impoverish the empire. Yet the truth was sadly easy to guess for anyone who knew the princess...

Soon after her safe return, Lunara made a startling discovery. She was playing another game of hide and seek with her little sisters when she found a passage underneath the palace, which led deep into the mountain. Lying forgotten on the floor of the passage was a blue stone amulet, engraved with the words "Eavesdroppers seldom hear good of themselves." Putting on the amulet, Lunara found that she could hear conversations from far away as though they were right next to her.

Today Princess Lunara spends her days calmly at home in the imperial palace, practising her calligraphy and inviting honoured scholars and storytellers to tell her of the outside world. The princess is frequently seen wearing a beautiful lapis amulet. She is always patient now, and her father the emperor has never guessed why.