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Neopedia : Garin

Garin Name : Garin
Pronunciation : (gher-in)
Species : Usul
Gender : Male
Age : 18
Hobbies : Piracy and daring deeds.
Best Known For : Being the captain of the Black Pawkeet, helping defend Maraqua from an invasion by the dreaded Captain Scarblade.
Darkest Deed : Stealing a maractite dagger from Maraqua after Isca helped him, other acts of piracy
Greatest Moment : Taking back his ship from Captain Scarblade, defending Maraqua with the help of his crew.
Quote : "I love pirating, the adventure... the treasure!"
Also see : Caylis, Isca, Jacques, King Kelpbeard, Captain Scarblade

Since he'd never been one to obey rules, Garin's decision to take up a life of piracy at a young age was no surprise to those who knew him well. With Jacques, his best friend since childhood, as his first mate, Garin set off for adventure and treasure as captain of the Black Pawkeet by his 15th birthday.

Though he lacks the viciousness and cruelty that most pirates are known for, Garin has little remorse for theft, as his friend Isca found out after he helped her defend the Kingdom of Maraqua. Though he showed true valour in a horrific battle against Captain Scarblade and the crew of the Revenge, Isca was unable to persuade him to give up his life of piracy. To this day, the Black Pawkeet can be seen cruising the waters around Krawk Island, in search of unsuspecting travellers to loot.