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Neopedia : A Dark Faerie

A glaring Dark Faerie
Name: A Dark Faerie
Species: Faerie
Age: Older than you can imagine
Population: 25,000 (estimated)
Occupation: Making sure the Light Faeries have plenty to keep themselves occupied :)

Dark Faeries are minions of evil itself. They lie in wait to tempt those weak of heart. The power granted by these evil faeries is great, but it comes at a price. Once you have been blessed by a Dark Faerie, you are forever tainted. These evil faeries' abilities include creating darkness, draining life and night vision.

A young Chia was sobbing softly in a clearing. "What's wrong, my child?" asked a tall, beautiful figure. Without looking up, Cheebi blurted out everything that had happened that day. It had been his first day at school. A pack of older Kougras had teased him, pushed him, stolen his lunch and trodden all his books into the mud. "I can help you, little man... but I have a price. Are you interested?"

Cheebi wiped the tears from his puffy red eyes and hoarsely whispered, "Y... y... yes..."

"I can make you stronger than those bullies and give your powers you have only dreamed of, but you must promise to help me whenever I ask, no matter what it is. Do you agree?"

Cheebi looked up, a small smile forming on his lips. She seems like a kind lady, the little Chia thought. I'd love to help her. "Yes, please, yes, make me big and strong so I can teach those Kougras a lesson!"

With that, the tall figure began chanting some strange words and waving her arms. Cheebi felt his body tingling. He did feel stronger, and much braver. Cheebi chuckled to himself. "Hehehe... those bullies will never know what hit them."