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Neopedia : The Yurble Raider

"Tell us more, tell us more!" the two children shouted, each grasping their grandfather's feet and shaking them as if that would cause him to speak.

"Another story?" the old Yurble laughed, patting the two younger Yurbles' heads. "I've told you all I know!"

"C'mon, Grandad!" Penelope said excitedly, taking a seat by the old Yurble's chair. "Tell us that one about the Aisha Thieves, or the Jelly Chia! Ooh... or the Yurble Raider!"

"Yeah!" Jhanar chimed in, sitting beside his sister. "The Yurble Raider!"

The elderly red Yurble chuckled as he folded the hands in his lap. "You want to hear about the Yurble Raider?" he asked, peering at his wide-eyed grandchildren. "Very well, then."

"Stories tell of a legendary Yurble, who was known only as the Yurble Raider. He lived years and years ago, during the war in our very own Meridell. Legends say that he pillaged many a town, raiding houses and cottages of both the Kass and Meridell forces. He would steal food, supplies, and money, all the while remaining hidden. On the rare occasion that he was seen, the Yurble Raider would fight to the death, regardless of what side his attacker would be on - he was a neutral party, who would fight and steal from both."

"Get to the good part!" Jhanar and Penelope whined simultaneously.

"Patience, little ones," laughed the elderly Neopian. "Now, as adventurous, daring, and agile as the Yurble Raider was, stories tell of one momentous event when he came face to face with Lord Kass himself..."

He peered through the night haze, his entire body shrouded by trees. Before him, he saw the zombified forces of Kass running wild through the small village of Meri Acres, sending residents sprinting from their homes, running every which way while screaming.

He had his sights set on the large cottage, just beside the Meri Acres Farm. The straw roof had been set on fire, as had most of the structures in the horrendous scene. As meek farmers and evil soldiers battled in the street, the Yurble noticed the door to the cottage open, and a small family of Kacheeks rush out into the crowded street. Seeing his chance, the Yurble bolted out of the bushes and directly across the road. Nobody would notice or care about a sole Yurble madly running around.

He entered the cottage easily, seeing how the door had not only been left open, but also, for the most part, been destroyed. As he entered, an array of valuable weapons on the mantle caught his eye... jackpot!

After he gathered the expensive weapons in his arms, the Yurble sprinted out of the cottage and into the middle of the street, surveying his surroundings. On his left, another wave of Kass's forces were approaching. On his right, Skarl's army, helmed by Jeran the Lupe, was charging forth. He was in the middle of what would be a gigantic battle. The Yurble whirled around, searching for a safe way to exit the scene. Unfortunately, what met him when he spun around was none other than Lord Kass, in all his evil glory.

"Fool! Hand over those supplies!" Kass demanded, his voice booming louder than the shouting armies. He grabbed the small Yurble and lifted him up so that he was at his shoulders. "Fight for the Citadel, or fight me!"

"Fair enough," the Yurble muttered.

In a split second, the Yurble's foot made contact with Kass's skull, sending him flying into the cottage wall. The Yurble jumped up and sent a flying kick towards Kass's abdomen, but Kass was too quick, and the Yurble careened into the wall. Laughing, Kass rose to his feet and hooked a punch towards the Yurble, who grabbed Kass's invading fist and twisted it, hearing the bones crack under the Yurble's strong grip. Kass screamed as the Yurble grabbed the rest of his loot from the floor, did a backflip up onto his feet, and ran off into the darkness, having narrowly escaped an untimely fate from Lord Kass...



"The Yurble Raider rocks!"

"Gee, Grandad," Jhanar said, jumping up and trying to imitate the infamous Yurble, "That was such a great story!"

"Yeah," Penelope said, yawning, "I'm tired, though... no offense, Grandad."

"Ah, but you should be," their grandfather laughed, "It's far past your bedtime! Now, upstairs with the two of you... and into bed!"

The two children sighed, then yawned as they made their way towards the stairs of the Neohome.

"Say, Grampa?" Penelope asked, stopping on the first step, "How does someone like you know all this?"

The elderly Yurble looked at his two grandchildren with wide eyes.

"Oh, me? I just read a lot, that's all," the old Yurble said, a remembering smile spreading across his withered face. "That's all..."